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Author: bord

IMO in the top 3 of classic Stern tables.

I received a playfield scan from a generous Pinsider. The plastics are garbage, so sorry about that. If someone has access to better ones or wants to do a redraw I’d be very happy. @randr helped me with the spinner and rubber brackets late last year. Thanks, randr!

Author: 32assassin

whats new VPX version
complete strip and rebuild, I replaced what I could with primitives
script rebuild
Stern apron primitive by Knorr
another big thank you to ASOT for his plastic resources, thanks to him I was able to rebuild most of the plastics with HQ resources.
I replaced the Cow and Moose trophy images with generic 3d models I was able to find.
Big thank you to Jp and GTXJOE for the ELK script but note that

Author: diemonik

Avengers VPX table

GtxJoe original Avenger Table converted to VPX , Thanks to Mike A.K.A. Sliderpoint , He contribute a great foundation to begin this project ,Frenetic did the hold and Many Upgrades and Neofr45 Glue it all together and fix table sizing to ensure hulk and cube where proper for the table , And I worked on some Physics and lighting and i know i may be missing people … But The Credit everyone who help and im sorry if i miss someone ..

Author: 32assassin

this is a VP9 to VPX conversion.
VP9 table by freneticamnesic
I copied and pasted each component into a VPX template and updated what i could with componets found on VPX.
Undertaker toy and apron primitives by Dark.
the decal on the apron can be changed
Apron Decal.png = Stock decal
Apron Decal 1.png = Royal Randar Pinball
or you can hide it to show the Data East logo.

Author: TerryRed

You Have the POWER!!!  with my MASTERED Edition update to “Rom’s” excellent “Masters of the Universe” Future Pinball table. I’ve also created an “all-new”

DOFLinx cabinet mod as well. This table mod is inspired by SLAMT1LT’s tables as well as the newer pinball machines (from JJP, Stern, Heighway Pinball) that now use monitors instead of DMDs.

Author: cyberpez

Here is a vpx update to my Black Hole table.
New Stuff… First off, big thanks to wrd1972 and rothbauerw for helping me finish this one up… Without them, who knows when it would have been finished. I do know it would not play nearly as well!!
Wrd helped rescale and resize both the upper and lower playfield. (we rebuilt the lower twice to get the angle just right) He also spent way too much time on the physics.. (trust me it’s a compliment) I envy his attention to detail in that area.
Roth rescripted and cleaned up most of the code. Took out all of my timer based hacks.

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