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Author: HauntFreaks

Evel Knievel (Bally 1977) v4.0 Big thanks for the update goes to 32assassin – used my old VPX, 32A rebuilt the table on a modern template, script, objects and hardware – I went thru my collection of evel PF images i’ve collected of since 2015 and combined 3 to make the one used here, its by far perfect, but good enough – I also added object, flipper and ball shadows – redid all the old lights – modded and made some new materials again , this table would not have been updating to modern standards without 32assassin

Author: WED21

Hot Shot by Gottlieb. I completely rebuilt it from my original version. Many thanks to Zany for the Flipper model and texture, JPSalas for the EM Reel images, GTXJoe for the Highscore saving code, mfuegemann for script help (YOU ARE A GENIUS!) and Fast Draw as template, loserman78, GNance, and Mike Farmer for some images and other parts from their VP9 Hot Shot, Flupper for the physics starting point,  Every other author for their amazing work!


Here is one of my favorites.  It has everything I love in a pinball table..  Great Theme, Ramps, and Multi-ball… Crazy to think I’ve been working on it for over two years O_O.  I hope it shows :P  This is a port of JP’s vp 9 version.  I rebuilt it once, and then with the help of wrd1972 again to the correct dimensions.  Lots and lots and lots of new things, and some old from the original table. Check the top of the script for a bunch of different options/mods

Author: WED21

My first ROM based game. Many thanks goto Walamab for letting me borrow and work off his script, Noah and Uncle Reamus for the the playfield starting point, and Hauntfreaks for helping me with the planet redraw. Please let me know of anything you find messed up!!


Concept by: Steve Ritchie
Design by: Steve Ritchie
Art by: Doug Watson
Mechanics by: Craig Fitpold
Music by: Steve Ritchie, Chris Granner
Sound by: Bill Parod, Chris Granner
Software by: Eugene Jarvis, Ed Boon
Notes: This game has two 7-digit alphanumeric score displays and two 7-digit numeric-only score displays.
flupper1 – plastic ramp, wire ramps, playfield shadows, primitive flippers
assassin32 – script, playfield scan, table template
ganjafarmer – plastics redraw and 2d graphics, lighting, physics
zany – flasher domes

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