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Author: BorgDog

Gottlieb’s 1978 Close Encounters, solid state version, continues my collection of system 1 tables.  I happened to pick up a Close Encounters parts cabinet that included a somewhat warped playfield in otherwise decent shape that I stripped down and scanned for the starting point for this.Includes, nfozzy’s FastFlips flippers, rothbauerw’s Ball Control script, ninuzzu’s ball shadow routine (turn on or off at top of script, off by default), some logic and sound effect (roto target movement) from pinuck’s vp9 table, and vp10.4 surround sound scripting.File includes an nvram file that sets the replay values to what is shown on the cards, place in vpinmamenvram folder.  Note, this is also set for extra ball play, so while the desktop and backglass will show “Number to Match” the display won’t show match numbers as they are not in effect in add-a-ball mode. I could have scripted around that, but I checked my real system 1 machines and the Number to Match light is wired directly with the Game Over light, and does the same thing.Thanks to hauntfreaks for some primitive and graphics work and play testing.Had fun making the roto target primitives and getting it all to work and animate.  It’s actually 15 seperate primitives all rotating together so that I could animate the individual ones when hit.

Author: xenonph

I first would like to thank 32assassin for giving me permission to make this sound mod. I would also like to thank him for making a great table!! I also would like to thank everyone who contributed to this table including, Artwork by Francisco7666, and DOF by Arngrim!! They put in alot of time and work on the original table, and it is appreciated!! So if you like this mod, I would encourage you to thank the original author of the table, as I have only made a few changes! Original Table… http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11797

Author: BorgDog

This is a mod, with permission, of jferio’s Solar Ride posted on VPF and VPU. Started mainly to fix the playfield to be proper size and position, and did lots of other scripting, graphical and object changes/updates with much help from hauntfreaks and sliderpoint.There are a few options at the top of the script for turning on ball and flipper shadows and changing flipper rubber color.zip includes solaride.nv nvram file that sets the replay values to match the score cards. place in vpinmame\nvram folder, as usual press F6 to change some of the rom optionsHas the surround sound scripting. and has nfozzy’s fastflips scripting so thanks nfozzy and the vpdev team of toxie and fuzzel As always anyone is free to do whatever they want with the files I post.

Author: Scottacus

Capersville is a fun Bally table from 1966 that features Zipper Flippers, Multiple Modes of Play and a Three Ball Multiball, all pretty heavy duty for 1966!Feel free to change the variable “FreePlay” to False for credit play.This is the first table that I have ever authored and its release is because of the help given to me by many of the members of this forum. Thanks goes to HauntFreaks for his amazing lighting and graphics fixes.  Also to BorgDog and Loserman76 for answering my scripting questions and to Xenonph for his many hours of testing as well as to Arngrim for looking over the DOF code.


Author: Javier

Based on the Data East Hook table.


Dark, Akilles, Zani, Cesar Emanuel, Dev Team, JPSalas, sorry for not remembering all those who contribute to the  game and the community.

Enjoy the game !!


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