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his is a VP 9 to VPX conversion.
VP9 author = freneticamnesic
I imported every object into a VPX template
-deleted unused objects and images
– changed friction and elasticity on walls and ramps
– upgraded many components with features found on VPX.
– made many new primitive toys.

Author: ninuzzu

This is one of my favourites tables, one of the best tables Stern ever produced. You will find several versions of this table: Premium, Back In Black LE, Let There Be Rock LE and Luci. would like to thank javier for let me continue this table, which is based on his PRO version. Big thanks also to DJRobX: without him, this table wouldn’t exist. I also would like to thank: -dark for the bell base model; -zany for the flasher domes; -tom tower for the LE apron; -knorr for the laser mod; -rysr, Peter J and javier (again 😀 ) for the help with the pics. -rom and zedonius from some resources I used from their FP version; -the VPDevTeam for the freaking amazing VPX


Flip your way to win the race in my DOFLinx mod of DRAKKO’s excellent Wipeout for Future Pinball.
-10 solenoid feedback for flippers, bumpers, slings, kickers, etc
-shaker motor feedback for magnets-blower fan feedback for speed ramp
-5 RGB flasher animated effects-RGB under cabinet lighting
-beacon and strobe effects-coin, start, and launch button leds

Author: fuzzel

Here is a rare pinball from Gottlieb: Goin’ Nuts is a prototype game and only 10 units were produced.This release supports the normal desktop/fullscreen view and also the new full single screen view (FSS)

You need VPX 10.3 beta to play the FSS version. The normal one is playable with VPX 10.2.


Please note option at the top of script to toggle between two distinct lighting modes, standard lighting and color mod. From the same team that brought you Gilligan’s Island, we’re proud to present another great build! Table builder: ICPjuggla
-Resources, layout, lighting, physics. Mfuegemann: Coding-Color mode swap, spinout ramp animation, rom hook up. Primitive animations. Dark: 3D/art

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