Keep scrolling for recent table downloads and more!

Keep scrolling for recent table downloads and more!

Author: BorgDog

So I believe I first played this machine at the Pacific NW Pinball show last June. Kriss and I both really enjoyed it, along with Count-Down as two of our favorites of the show (also Capersville and Laser Cue, yes we are old :) ). While I now own a Count-Down machine, Buck Rogers is still at the top of my list of system 1 machines to acquire.In the mean time having them done in VPX will be a fun alternative.This started out as an upgrade to Sindbad’s vp9 table found over on VPF. Hauntfreaks did the inital layout and lighting etc

Author: Sliderpoint

Metallica Premium (Stern 2013). AKA:  Monsters or Road Case or Master of Puppets or LE. (I use the Monsters BG from Wildmand @ VPU) Mod built off of @Freneticamnesic sweet Metallica Pro release. Thanks to him for that!  Thanks to @Jim5Six for resources (pics, sounds, measurements, etc) from his real Met pin. Check the Script for MOD OPTIONS. Could use a better hammer model, but the one there gets the job done.Requires lastest VPM with SAM

Author: BorgDog

For those of you with more friends than I have, I did a quick conversion of my Card Whiz into the 4 player Royal Flush.

The table is identical, just changed the backdrop, put the score reels back in view (my base template is 4 player so scripted Card Whiz with this in mind) and built a new directb2s to go with it from images found online.

Author: Sliderpoint

Doctor Who (Bally 1992) For VPX 10.2. You’ll need the newest VPM with Modulation support.Originally based on the VP9 table from oooPLAYER1ooo & Unclewilly.

Thanks to them for that version. Only a few bits left after the conversion I used images I found on the web so there are some that are not that great, but they work ok.

Author: rom, TerryRed (DOFLinx)

We’re rockin’ it retro style with Arcade and Amiga game tunes in my DOFLinx mod of rom’s excellent “RetroFlair” Future Pinball table.

A video demonstration of this table can be seen here in my cabinet:

Author: BorgDog, RANDR

DOF Test table update of randr’s version. I added chimes, corrected a couple calls, switched some objects to vpx style, adjusted the physics to vpx, and mostly added a keyboard overlay with scripting that allows you to fire most of the toys with keystrokes. of course I think I ended up with it in portrait mode again as I was testing on my cab, so most of you will need to rotate.

Author: Dr. Tom

“Never fear, Underdog is here!”


’nuff said.

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