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    Drop A Card (Gottlieb 1971)

    Build/Coding by Loserman76 Artwork by GNance


    '*  hauntfreaks - newer postit note images, environment file, lighting information, primitives '*  BorgDog - his tables that helped me to understand more with VPX - and I probably lifted a primitive or 2 from them as well '*  GNance - score motor tweaks to behave like a real EM, PostIt routines, Options menu '*  JPSalas - gameroom backdrop '*  Pinuck - Gottlieb chimes and score motor routines '*  Arngrim - DOF coding and information


    when game is not in progress, holding down left flipper for about 3-5 seconds will bring up the options menu. left flipper selects item, right flipper changes option

    in addition to the "standard" keys (typically "1" to start game and "5" for coin), I've added "3" for coin and "4" for coin and auto-start game to simulate 3 coin slots

    Shadow config settings:

    Look for these 2 lines near the beginning of the scripting:

    Const ShadowFlippersOn = true Const ShadowBallOn = true

    change to false if you want either of the shadows not showing on your tables

    I've also included a wheel image in the ZIP for your convenience

    initial release

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    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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