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    this is a collection of my DT backglass LED examples.

    Please note that if you try to run this tables,  you will get a controller error. the Display code needs a rom to run.

    -Open the template that best matches your table build. Aside from the Zaccaria tables, you might not need to modify any template.

    -copy and past all the Lights  and the Display Timer to your table.

    Code set up

    -copy and past the code found in the template,  each table has its own code.


    'Digital Display






    The Code will call the Display Timer and in the display timer you will find a IF condition

    If DesktopMode = True Then


    END IF

    if DesktopMode is True the Lights will Turn on

    if DesktopMode is False the lights will NOT turn on


    in order for this statement to work you MUST ADD this to your code

    Dim DesktopMode: DesktopMode = Table1.ShowDT

    with Table1 being the name of your table.  this is the name given to your table in the VP editor and script it is not the name of your VPX/VPT FIle.

    I have attached a picture to show you where to get the name from if you re confused

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