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    Yet another fresh beta build ;)


    - add unit conversion feature to other elements (flippers, gates, spinners, walls, ramps, kickers)

    - add units conversion feature from VPUnits -> inches/millimeters in the status bar for control points.

    - fix solid blueprint export for primitives

    - next fixes from nFozzy for vpmFlips



    -fix skirt animation not to reset when using VSYNC



    - add bumper skirt animation

    - next fixes from nFozzy for vpmFlips

    - Patch by DJRobX: Fix triggers getting "stuck" when the ball is moving fast. The existing code favors the "hit" sequence, when it should favor the "unhit" one. This only affects visuals, so it's a safe change to make.

    - Patch by DJRobX for the minphyslooptime/vsync latency enhancement stuff:

    1) Sync loop to last refresh to ensure behavior stays in line with non-enhanced behavior.

    2) Reset the script period at the halfway-point speedup. Tests showed that the additional -1 timer was not being fired a good deal of the time because the max timers value was being reached.

    - script button can now both open and close the script editor

    - do not trigger save? dialog if toggling between DT and FS view in the backdrop

    - fix detection of used materials for triggers & kickers


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