Creature from the Black Lagoon VPX [Abandoned]

In this project I’ll be showcasing the work and progress for the CFTBL build that I’ll be working on with Unclewilly.

The plan: If you followed my Gilligan’s Island project you probably already know I pretty much built that entire table in 3D and also made a fully 3D tour version on sketchfab. I plan to do the same for this build except that I will try to implement what I have learned from the last build.

This project wouldn’t really be possible (or not nearly as nice) without randr. Randr (Jason) owns a CFTBL and has provided (stupid) HD scans of all the plastics for me….and yes I mean STUPID HD….like 500 megs per image HD…randr over kill just to make my life harder dealing with these files! :P

In addition to full plastic scans, we also have a super HD playfield and all the resources we could possibly need or want. Randr has done a complete tear down of his table (it needed cleaning any ways he says), and has provided many detailed, measured photo references of all major table elements. So in short I’ll be doing my best to have everything as close to scale as possible.

I plan to optimise performance for the table by reducing render calls as much as possible by grouping primitives into as few mesh’s as possible. I also will try to keep cpu calculations minimal by using only ‘power of 2’ textures. The performance of the table should be optimal, yet the visual impact will not be compromised as a result.
I’ve received a number of good performance enhancing tips from fuzzel and the devs at sketchfab so I’m hoping I can make the most of it this time round.

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3D, CFTBL, Creature, Dark, Unclewilly