Gilligan’s Island 3D VPX [Completed]

I have permission to use all the resources from the VP9 version from ‘epthegeek’ with that said there is still a lot of work to be done updating this table. I want much higher resolution graphics all round and some of the resources in the VP9 table just aren’t there. Luckily zany owns the table and John9803 says he can provide scans and pics of a mint Gilligans some time soon as well.

I’ve exported the VP9 table as a mesh and have used that as a base to get started. With the help of some people on the forums I’ve been able to get the plastics cleaned up and cut out for transparency. We had HD photos but the backgrounds all needed to be cut out and with detailed artwork, it can cause a lot of artifacts and what not. I plan to pretty much build this entire table in 3D and start bringing it all into VPX piece by piece.

John9803 – Resources
Zany – Resources/3D/Graphics/physics tuning.
Dark – 3D/graphics
ICPJuggla – Table builder/lighting/physics
mfuegemann: Coding support.
Ben Logan: Graphics (clean ups)

Here's some pre-release game play footage courtesy of Laylow, thanks Laylow!

Project Tags

3D, Dark, Gilligans