Jurassic Park VPX [Completed]

I decided to update my Trex project into the actual Jurassic Park VPX project now since things are under way and people are starting to bug me about it. :P

This project has been a huge undertaking, it’s been a long time in the works with full play field redraw by bodydump.
A lot of the plastics had to be redrawn as well as decals, I did a bunch of redraws myself but it was too much for me alone so I was lucky enough to have Lobotomy offer his services and he’s done a great job. Of the few HD photos of plastics we had Hauntfreaks remastered and color balanced them to match our redraw palette.

I’ve called in all my favours for this build as it will be my last for a long long time.

Project Tags

JPark, Jurassic, Jurassic Park, T-rex