This is what started my “authoring” in vp many years ago!
Made all the models in Monsterbash VP9 build Very proud of them as i feel they look better then TBA easy! and they are old now! Including Frank and arms, Bride and head, Igor, Dracula, Mummy and casket heck with the VPX build nearly everything is now a model!

Made all the models in Fire! all the buildings and stuff plus scanned all my fire NOS plastics for that build too.

Made NGG models but they never will see light of day as they were not the best anyways.

Made a helmet for a race car build not sure what happened to that?

Made Attack from mars Martian models for JPsalas they turned out well!

Made the genie model in JPsalas VPx Tales of the Arabian nights build!

Made Some really cool models for hercules and humpty tables

Made Stripper models for the SUper sopranos table(VPX)

Made a zombie model for The walking dead table.

Made many more will add pictures later!