Walking Dead 3D model bonanza! [Completed]

Above: Well Walker model and Fish tank head finished.
Hey guys as many of you know Dozer has taken Fren’s awesome TWD beta and converted it for an LE version and I’m going to be doing a whole bunch of models for this table. I already did the bicycle girl but I’m probably going to re-make her since I’m expecting much better resources soon from our good old friend John the very same fellow who helped with resources on Gilligan’s!

The models I plan to do are as follows:
-Well Walker
-3x heads at the back
-barn door head
-and probably bicycle girl again.

This is my start on the Well Walker, he still needs quite a bit of work but it's starting to really take shape now.
This is my start on one of the Fish Tank heads, still needs lots of work but it's on it's way now.
A video showing the progress of the second fish tank head.
Almost done with these 3 stoogies! :P

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