Joust VPX! [Completed]

That’s right you’re seeing correctly….JOUST PINBALL FOR VPX!

I always said if anyone was crazy enough to take this build on with me I would do what ever redraws necessary and well it turns out it was necessary to redraw everything haha! It also turns out I found someone crazy enough, I brought the idea up to our friend randr and the mad scientist in him immediately got to work on making a working proof of concept. Once we figured out it could be done, we got to work right away, I redraw everything, the PF, the plastics, the targets, the apron and even all the insert text is done by hand. Resources were very thin for this build so it was challenging, there’s only one half decent pic of a stripped PF that I had to really warp ‘straight’ in photoshop to make it work so with that said it’s not perfect and it’s a bit of a freak table with it’s strange angles but it plays surprisingly well.

In order to make this table work, majority of objects had to be made and placed in 3D so that they all follow the correct angles to their corresponding PF’s. All the plastics, pegs,posts,rubbers etc all are angled to match the table’s unique PF angles. Some of the plastics on the real table as well as the apron actually have bends to them which we matched as best we could – this was especially challenging but ended up being really cool! This table is a first for many things, first two player, two dual slope PF, I believe first table to use primitive inserts.

This is the ONLY 2 player head to head pinball ever created (by Bally/Williams, one other made by Alvin G) and for the first time will be available with fully restored graphics and a variety of game modes.

Q: I know you’re already thinking: But how will the second player keys work?
A: Player 2 keys are bound to magna save keys by default, which you can set to what ever keys you like in VP preferences, you can then hook up a USB or wireless controller to your cab or desktop for your second player.

What if you don’t have a second player?
Well you can still player single player mode which gives you control over both sets of flippers and single player scoring only.

Player vs CPU modes.
There are also player vs computer modes (easy and hard), where the ‘computer’ player 2 has auto flippers. The hard difficulty has the out lane drain blocked on P2 side as well as extended flipper length.

There’s also an option to switch apron color for either players to either blue or black, this was because there’s photos which show a variety of combinations so I just though to give the option.

Okay so you’re probably going to be reading some of this again real soon in the table description because it’s very close to finished, just doing final testing and polishing.

Personally I really wanted this table done because I have a cocktail/pincab hybrid with adjustable legs so I could put it into flat ‘cocktail mode’ and actually play ‘head to head’ with my friends on this. Speaking of which, a few FS backdrops will be available, one that is a normal backdrop, the kind you would expect in a FS view and the other is well…pretty much for me lol, it’s a bird’s eye view making it even for both sides, the downside is there’s no depth to the drop targets but it’s fair game for head to head on my set up.

Even if it’s just a novelty or you use it to practice your multiball juggling (there’s always 2 or more balls on the table), I hope you guys will appreciate having this small piece of pinball history in your collections and hope you appreciate just how much hard work went into making it work. So I put this project together to show a few time lapse video’s of the progression of the project (instead of stretching out 20 pages of pics), so please take a few minutes and check ’em out!

PF redraw:

Apron redraw:

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