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    Hello guys.
    What if i want to get rid of a B2S backglass? You’d say to delete the file, i’ve tried this of course.

    What’s happening is this, the Backglass just appears whether i want it to or not. It’s not just one table, it’s actually a lot of tables.
    For example the TOTAN shiny mod, i had this new .directB2S i tried it once, but i decided i wanted to get rid of it and just let VpinMame.Controller run the backglass.
    Now i deleted the file (the .directB2S) but it still comes up whenever i load the table via HyperPin.
    One more example: For Star Wars, I had this .EXE backglass and now it’s running the EXE and over that it’s running the .directB2S file.
    (and if you delete the EXE, you get this error that FPLaunch can’t find the file to run)

    I have tried to find this problem, i looked in the table script and i have looked in the controller.vbs
    I have tried to specifically tell visual basic NOT to run the backglass, in the table script. with something like Launchbackglass = false
    I have tried to make it like ‘comment or even deleted the whole thing and replaced it for the older code like: set controller = createobject(vpinmame.controller)
    Now i did figure out that when i open a table with VPX it’s working just fine, if i tell the code what to do. It’s just from HyperPin where the code goes all weird and maybe it’s something in Controller.vbs.
    I’ve tried to read that file, but i find it pretty hard to tell where to make a change without scr*wing the whole thing up, you know?
    I also found controller.txt but there wasn’t much in there, it also writes stuff to the registry, i have looked in there too.

    My script files are in the Tables folder, i have the latest files and i’m running VPX 10.2 Win7 (i can run the Walking dead LE)
    As Freddy Mercury once said: “i’m going slightly mad”


    It’s in hyperpin not controller.vbx you sure you deleted file in media folder for frontend?

    We need a POP front end signature!!! Or no?


    i’m pretty sure i deleted files, also i tried renaming files because i don’t want to lose them.
    i do have version of HyperPin, perhaps i should upgrade to 1.0 via this link.


    you’re not going to believe this. i went a little overboard today, i installed PinballX and have it setup now.
    with VPX, with VP9 and PM5 tables/database and stuff. it works fine actually.

    now if i don’t have a backglass in place where he would expect one, the screen just goes black.
    is that normal? is there a way to fix it, so that VpinMame.Controller just takes over, if there is no backglass found?


    actually i have just found something that helps me quite a lot.
    like this:

    Make a copy of controller.vbs and rename it to controllerOff.vbs.  Open it in notepad and change the line
    tempC = objShell.RegRead(directory & “ForceDisableB2S”)
    tempC = 1
    This controllerOff.vbs file will always run VPinmame and not B2S
    Now, if you want to disable B2S for a certain table that has “controller.vbs“, just change “controller.vbs” to “controlleroff.vbs”

    this solved a lot of problems, not all but i’m getting there.

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    Let’s back up a minute.  Why are you wanting to disable the backglasses?

    If it’s for performance reasons, then deleting the directb2s file is the easiest way to go.   Under HyperPin it will leave a static (non-moving) image up, which doesn’t hurt performance at all but still gives you the benefit of having an image up there.   PinballX can do that too, but you have to uncheck “Hide Backglass” in the game manager.

    Having B2S.Controller without a .directb2s performs almost identically to loading VPinMame directly.

    I know you mentioned that you switched to PinballX, but for completeness, the reason FPLaunch is looking for an .EXE file is because the file is named “_FS_B2S”.   Get that out of the table name/description and FPLaunch will stop looking for the exe.




    The main reason i wanted to get rid of the B2S was i did not like it anymore, i wanted to update some pictures/backglass(es)
    I saw some other static pictures that i liked much better and wanted the set controller(VPinMame.Controller) to take over (for Terminator 2 and for Star Wars)
    They were actually named “_FS_B2S” , so that is why i could not get rid of that FPLaunch error. (the file cannot be found bla bla this and that)
    Thank you for that insight, i did not know that.

    For the TOTAN VPX and the TOTAN shiny mod i had two files .directB2S and i had them named exactly like the table file.
    Now for the shiny mod i wanted to display a static picture, so i deleted the .directB2S. The weirdest thing happened, it still loaded the B2S backglass.
    What happened was it took the .directB2S file for the TOTAN VPX table, i know this because when i deleted that then finally i had VPinMame Controller take over.
    But you don’t think that is a weird situation? I mean it was a different filename and still it loaded in HyperPin AND PinballX, i’ve been testing a lot.

    Now i use that piece of code i found with the ControllerOFF.vbs. That is working pretty nicely, but still i get some error-sound when i open and close a table in HyperPin.
    I read in the vbs file that there is a value somewhere at the end and if that is 1 it says to play some sound. I get this sound about 3 times, after i close a table without B2S.
    It sounds like the sound you get when you open the menu for HyperPin, with the Exit table stuff and all. I find this very weird, because before the update to 10.2 he never did that.
    Oh, i’m actually running both systems now so it’s a lot of work managing those databases and all those PNG files you know.

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