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    Thanks for Cactus Canyon. Fantastic  :good:

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    Ok, I have a big problem with the CCC Version. The table loads fine but I can´t start it. When I push the start button it makes some clicking noises but no ball appears and the P-Roc DMD dos nothing. I can get into the service and party mode menu.

    The VPM version runs without problems. Any suggestions?

    Thx in advance.


    focus issue? click on playfield and see if it will start after you gain focus back to VP


    Thx for the answer randr, but that didn´t fixed it.


    ninuzzu has not released a table update that works with the latest CCC code. Try reverting your CCC code back to an earlier version, say prior to Mar 30. Hopefully, compatible code is in the offline installer, but I don’t know for sure. Other option is wait for a table update. He had some cosmetic updates planned for it anyway.

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    Thx, will try that.


    That did it. Thx Carny.

Viewing 7 posts - 241 through 247 (of 247 total)

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