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    What’s up now


    @tomtower why do you keep displaying chats from 3-4 months ago? I really don’t get that? It only shows nothing but lack  of respect of our private communication. Jeezus!

    Does your chat history go back to June of 2016? If it does please share that  will you!? My history does not go back a year.

    You asked I said sure share anything you want here does that make me look bad? Really don’t get it.


    We need a POP front end signature!

     Tom Tower 

    I don’t know what you want from me, I don’t know why you both continuing talking about me, why you call my name when I far so you and not called in other discussions.
    Fren, you don’t know me, I think you are not my brother, sure you are not my friend.

    Please stop talking about me, we will all fell better.



    Ok Tom.

    We need a POP front end signature!


    Reading through the comments, only facts were stated.

    Okay let’s address the elephant in the room….

    I think perhaps (imo) Fren is just pointing out that while you like to garner attention for your projects here,  you don’t actually share anything here so it’s obviously a tactic to shamelessly bring attention to your own site.  Personally I’d be pretty irritated if someone shared some of my personal conversations.

    I’m not as nice of a guy but if you asked to post stuff on my site without sharing like that just to direct attention to your own site, my answer would of been a flat out no so perhaps you should consider yourself fortunate that randr continues to run this site as a ‘free’ and open source of virtual pinball.  Maybe have a little consideration for the guy before sticking a PM in his face to defend your stance here to continue to shameless post your stuff.  The amount of drama that’s come out of you, which for the most part is you defending yourself when Fren calls you out on stuff that from what I can see has always been true.  I will admit that sure maybe Fren has added to the fire so to speak but at least he has the courage to call bullshit when he see’s it.  I’m a bit of a hot head myself and that’s why I refused moderator status on this site when it was offered to me and you’re lucky for it too because if it were up to me I’d just ban you and you’re lacky’s and be done with the drama and let you guys have your little Italian corner of the web because it’s not like you guys willingly share any actual content here.  And don’t bother sending ninuzzu to send me more PM’s to convince me you’re a nice guy either because I’ve already firmly decided I don’t like you.


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    Ninuzzu just wanted to post that Ebay ad and get some support, sure did turn into a whole different ball of wax around here though.


    Well dark is probably the biggest contributor to vp he is the go to guy for years! He helps everyone with builds not just his own projects. Sorry about this crap being on this site dark. Truly I am sorry it does not belong here that’s for sure!

    We need a POP front end signature!

Viewing 7 posts - 21 through 27 (of 27 total)

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