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    I used to play this bridge building game and can not recall the name of it. Was very good and I want to find it again after waking up and for no reason remembering it :wacko:

    anyone remember it?


    I remember from early 90s that game, windows 3.1, may have been a dos game, I think it’s been redone on android, ios etc, but I can’t remember the name either.


    this is a phone app I remember playing building bridges with X amount of parts

    and line rider


    the game i recall was not cartoonish was a very well done game. I purchased it years ago maybe i still have it in the box even…problem is not sure where it would be. ill keep looking



    I think you might mean Pontifex. Came out in 2001 and was, I think, the first of that genre of bridge puzzle game – I played the heck out of it on my old Pentium III :-D

    The distributor still sells the game ( but you can probably find it elsewhere if you look around ;-)


    @smellar that was it! nice! It got very challenging on the higher levels

    I remember!


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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