[VPX] Shrek – Captive ball BUG

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    I like the physics on this table and the way it has been recreated but am I the only one to have this bug with the lower captive ?

    If it has been hit too hard sometimes it will pass and fall through the rubber then you have to press “B” (by default) and select “No” in order to remove the ball when it drains or the table will think you’ve lost your playing ball.



    Is there any way to fix it ?


    Thanks guys and have fun !

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    Yes this is a great table and I have seen the same issue. Im not looking at the table at the moment but Im sure you can adjust the height of the metal piece that holds the ball. I might dig into it later if I have time.


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    yes, i believe a updated table is available on monsterbashpincab.com that fixes this problem

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    Thanks for the quick answers guys.

    The table on monsterbashpincab.com seems to work correctly ;) I tweaked the flippers settings and the DT view in order to feel like my older one. 

    Another thing, is there a way to make the ball pass through the castleguard gate ? Like on the real table. Instead of let it poping back like a regular drop target.

    Again, thanks for all men ;)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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