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  • Schreibi34 wrote:
    A Things to do:

    • 32a surely wants to finish his his ship movement thing
    • We still need a cover for the right treasure bonus target
    • Flasher image for the Kraken gate that is turned on during ship sunk/kraken multiball
    • When you have to spell “HEART” the letters do not light up Flashers f24; f32; f40; f48; f56

    all the fla…[Read more]

  • When the table was first released you needed a lot of beta stuff to make it work.   Now everything it depends on is released.

    You need:

    1. Newer VPX (10.2 or later).  Make sure you update the scripts also.
    2. The latest B2S Server if you’re using a cab (if you get no lights, and/or intermittent crashes, this is the reason)
    3. The latest SAM VPinMame
  • I know these were commented out (and the Purple and yellow bits were incorrect), but it seems to sort of work…but I’m having a hard time trying to get the cabinet’s lighting to directly match the ON/OFF and intensity level to match that of the neon ramps.  Using the above conditions is “ok” for when it “changes” colour…but then it turns off right…[Read more]

  • Thanks for those clear descriptions of how those parameters work, nFozzy!  Very helpful!   I’ve ran into the “ramps feel too steep” problem a number of times and didn’t know how to fix it, seems the gravity what was I was looking for.

  • I have seen the ladder “trap” the ball if it comes down on top of it, but the table will eventually raise it to free it.   I haven’t seen it look like it does in your photo, interesting…

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    Thanks Carny, will get a new version up with this integrated soon.  :)

  • I can understand what DJRob’s frustration is, when it comes to having to completely update a table’s script again when there’s a new version of a table available.

    Yep exactly.     No wrongdoing on his part there, I just hadn’t gotten back to it because it’s not fun re-doing a lot of the same work over again.

  • Wheel of Fortune

    Wheel of Fortune  (Stern 2007)
    This is a mod of a VP9 Wheel of Fortune table from an unknown author.  It was updated by Dozer to include a spinning wheel primitive and other tweaks.   The table was then converted to VPX by another author who had requested to remain anonymous, and myself.   Nin…[Read more]

  • I ended up upgrading the entire disk from Windows 7, to Windows 10 and it just made all of the difference in the world. But still cant explain why PBX worked perfectly fine on W7 for the longest time.Yeah, I had the same problem with windows 8.1.  Everything was fine, then my cab came down with a case of the stutters when run form PinballX.

    I…[Read more]

  • Actually your the only one that reply to me and help me DJRob , so I dont know why you think its youYou are complaining that nobody helped you finish the script.    You sent me a version that I haven’t replied to yet because I haven’t really had the kind of time that will be needed for a project of this magnitude.   So who else would it be?   I’m…[Read more]

  • Don’t let yourself be pulled down by something like that. That’s just how normal life works. It’s also even how it works for us VP/(V)PM developers. Sometimes we are lucky and get extremely enthusiastic help like for example from DJRobX, who also stay around for support and questions afterwards, and sometimes we also just get some half-…[Read more]

  • > but it’s going to lose all of it if hits something with a reasonable friction value

    After reading this description I think I may understand what’s going on in X-men bit better.   I think what happens is the ball gets spin from the flippers, but never comes into contact with anything – the magnet + turntable deflect the ball without it ever con…[Read more]

  • The flipper will put the most spin on the ball, but it’s going to lose all of it if hits something with a reasonable friction value. Ballspin issues are always from messed up object friction. For vp9 conversions, it’s best to reset all physics to default and then start over from there. I’m not sure what 32a did on this one, but on X-men LE, I sel…[Read more]

  • There is only one thing I dont like in VPX – unnatural backspin ;) Yeah I agree, it seems like we need a setting to turn that specific effect down.   I played with a lot of things in the X-men LE table in particular, which suffers from this also.   In that table, it’s much more difficult because you have both magnets and turntable that add ran…[Read more]

  • Anyone who wants to try to update the physics, please feel free to share your version here on this topic as a dropbox link.     It’s been so long since I’ve played a real one, I don’t have a good memory of how it should play, so I left 32Assassin’s settings mostly untouched.

    I had PM’d ClarkKent about my last table but didn’t get a response f…[Read more]

  • If I had one complaint it’s the hardware on sling plastic and other plastics. Should be rubber plugs not lock nuts but that’s nit picking. Good job I’ll up a couple pics look at hardware holding plastics

    Good catch … the caps are actually there, but most are missing the image assignment or are mapped to metal materials incorrectly.   Please…[Read more]

  • Also thanks for inserting the DMD for us force exclusive fullscreen and desktop users.

    Indeed.   I was planning on adding that (exclusive is WAY faster on my laptop), but 32Assassin already had included that in his rebuild, so thanks to him for that!

    On that subject, there’s a known issue in VPX, lights on the backdrop don’t work with all video…[Read more]

  • Fire! (Williams 1987) VPX

    VPX mod of UncleWilly and Randr’s awesome Fire! table
    Please use the latest VPX 10.4 beta.   The lighting takes advantage of new features present.    Surround sound (PMD) is also supported.
    Thanks to:
    UncleWilly and Randr for their amazing VP9 original, and Randr for guidance on that le…[Read more]

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