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  • video preview not working.... (2015-11-25, 22:31): resolved 0
  • table (2015-11-25, 22:28): really is! 0
  • table (2015-11-28, 10:14): You need to click options in editor so they show, then click backdrop check Use DT or uncheck use DT (desktop) 0
  • upload (2015-12-01, 19:26): fixed :) 0
  • Thanks Fren (2015-12-07, 20:07): It is a great table. well done for sure! 0
  • Backglass Video for PinballX (2015-12-26, 08:02): I dont see one in the video section. you could ask in the forum i bet someone will upload one 0
  • Download? (2016-02-16, 07:17): sorry its a glitch from upgrade yesterday. i will fix it give me a day or so as many MP$’s have issues for some reason 0
  • Any trick to getting DB2S for Whoa Nellie to work? (2016-02-18, 17:58): no trick. just look in script turn on b2s backglass named properly? 0
  • Compass Issue (2016-03-01, 08:37): passed info to fren maybe he will reply? 0
  • Can't download this file (2016-03-05, 22:21): I will zip it up 0
  • Can't download this file (2016-03-05, 22:31): going to mark this as resolved i zipped the file so you should be good now 0
  • Missing DMD (2016-03-16, 22:17): Should be there? click backdrop and drag the green dmd away. the if that dont work rem out line 11 in script or set ccontroller on line 17 to 1 works on my desktop so not really sure if none of that dont work ask in these forums for a tip 0
  • Missing DMD (2016-03-16, 23:29): then try alt-tab to vpm window it must be behind backglass or playfield. toggeling alt-tab should bring it forward then you can move it to proper place. maybe 0

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