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Timers can be used to add a pause after a Hit event.

Timer Button

First Lets Create a Timer:If you don’t have a table already opened File / New to open a new Table.

Click on the Timer button Move Cursor towards the table you are building.Iit should turn into a Timer cursor, click this where you would like your Timer placed. and you get a Timer.

Note: Placing Timers on the side will help you to find them in an easier way. They can also be placed on Backdrop to be use for attractmode or other advanced display technics.

Now that we have a Timer Created we can look at the Timer Option Properties.

Click on options in the ToolBar and select the Timer by clicking on it

Doing this will show us the Timer properties.

Timer- Name for type of object you have selected.

Name – Timer1 The name of the Timer, you can change this to whatever you want. The name is used to address the object through the script.

Timer Enabled -needs additional script. Default is checked

Timer Interval – Default is 100, dela befor procedure is starting.

UserValue – This Variable is userdefined and can be use for wathever you want. I use it often as event flag in the script.

Note: Timers can be place anywhere, on Table or Backdrop.

Timer Script

Using demo6timer.zip

Timers are pretty simple to get working. In the above example you can open it up & check the Timers out, in action. The script for the Timers is at the bottom of the script in this demo.

Note: In the Timer Options, Enabled is unchecked, it is Enabled by dropping both targets.

In Sub CheckTarget Timer1 is enabled

Sub CheckTarget()
If Target.Isdropped = True And Target1.IsDropped = True Then ‘checks to see if both targets are dropped
Timer1.Enabled = True ‘ if they are both dropped timer will start
End IF
End Sub
‘**************************Target Stuff Ends Here
In Sub Timer1_Timer the Timer & Targets are reset, Timer is no longer enabled until both targets are knocked down again.
Sub Timer1_Timer() ‘in timer options look at the interval, its 2500 2 1/2 seconds
Timer1.Enabled = False ‘after 2 1/2 seconds Timer1 stops and finishes the Sub
PlaySound “targetup”
Target.IsDropped = False ‘pops the target back up
Target1.Isdropped = False ‘pops the target back up
End Sub


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