5 Insane Slot Machines We Want In Our Games Room

5 Insane Slot Machines We Want In Our Games Room

We all love Las Vegas. Whether we’ve been or not, we’re transfixed by the city. The shows, the fights, the bright neon lights, and of course the gambling which sees millions flock to the city every year to have a pull on their favorite one arm bandits.

But what if the trip to Vegas wasn’t necessary? What if there was a slot-machine sized spot in your home to game the evening away? Well if there is, and you have a spare few hundred dollars, why not bring the casino to you?

There are some insanely cool machines out there, waiting to fill that spot, and if you’ve got a games room surrounding it, well, you’re pretty much all-set for an evening that will rival one in the Bellagio. Every evening.

Sounds good doesn’t it? But where to start…

Well, by taking inspiration from one of these five incredible machines, of course.

The Big Money Spinner

Lionshare Slot

We all know online slot games offer some pretty incredible prizes without having to leave the house; in fact they’re probably played more than those in the casinos. Thousands upon thousands of people log on every day for a few spins of the virtual fruit. Yet, none quite have the prize and legacy of The Lion’s Share at the MGM Grand.

Installed in 1993, the year the MGM was built, it hadn’t hit the jackpot for around 20 years until a couple from New Hampshire hit the $2.4 million jackpot in August of last year.

Over the years it gained a huge cult following, with the machine even having its own Facebook and Twitter pages. In fact such was its status that in a casino with over 2,500 machines people would line up to try their luck on it – in fact, once every five seconds every day!

Of course, you’d have to put $2.4 million in yourself to win it back (or at least persuade your friends to do it) for you to win the machine, but investing in a machine with such a legendary status would certainly have your pals green with envy, even if you’re not winning their green bills.

The Silver Screen Handing Out Silver

Batman Slot

No games room is complete without a bit of TV and film memorabilia. Whether it’s a picture of Rocky on the wall, or Thor’s Mjonlir – that’s his hammer for all those non-nerds out there – displayed in a cabinet, it adds an element of cool to a room.

But if you’re wanting super cool, then look no further than a TV-based slot. They’re becoming more and more popular in casinos throughout the world, and what’s cooler than a Batman slot machine with the cheesy faces of Adam West and Burt Ward?

And not only at land based casinos, TV- based slots available on online casinos as well and you can play those casino games at au.royalvegascasino.com.

Batman, The Hangover, Friends, Star Trek; they’re all playable as casinos are now littered with TV themed slots. And don’t worry; for you Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte fans, there’s something for you too…


A slot like that would certainly add a touch of cosmopolitan to your games room, although we’re not too sure if the friends would approve. While the female foursome may have all the street cred in the world walking down Madison Avenue, you certainly won’t.

Either way, they’ll certainly add a touch of Hollywood to your room, and what’d be better than playing a Batman slot while watching Batman? Well, aside from being Batman!

This Indescribable Japanese Slot

We don’t know what it is, nor do we know how you play it, but this game is simply insane. Located in a Japanese arcade, filming someone play, as shown above, could be its own TV show.

It has what seems a million different stages to the game involving coins and balls which leads to a pretty phenomenal game.

The video shows two Australian guys playing the slot, and they appear just as confused as us. After a disappointing few turns, they hit the jackpot and chaos ensues. Chaos and coin dropping that lasts almost 20 minutes (although thankfully not on the video).

There’s not a lot else we can say about it really, apart from we really want to play and we really want it in our games room.

Step Back In Time

Old School Slot

We have long associated the art of gambling with the Wild West. We picture saloons with tables of card players and bandits stood in the corner playing the one armed bandit. It also happens that vintage slot machines also look incredibly cool.

Obviously today they’re more for decorative purposes, but that’s good enough for us as they’d be the centrepiece for any games room.

They’re machines that draw attention to themselves; unlike the Sex and the City machine, you’d have the envy of all your friends not the pity.

The slot machine itself dates back to the beginning of the 1900s, and purchasing one from the early days will set you back a small fortune. But it’s worth it. Not least because they look amazingly cool.

We’d also recommend one of these to go with it. Turn your games room into a place that pays homage to the glorious early days.

Let’s Get Physical

Football Slot

Most games rooms are very sports-centric. You’ll have a dart board and a pool table. You’ll probably have a TV showing ESPN. It’s your sporting haven. There’s a signed Dan Marino jersey on one wall and an empty space on the other. An empty space desperate for a slot machine that fits that exact theme.

Sporting slots have been around for generations now, but you’ll find none cooler than the Master Football Game, a soccer game which has all the thrills of a big match.

The Master game is perhaps the slot version of Barcelona, with all the vintage of the 1970s Ajax side. And with most today having a worn exterior, where thousands before have battered its edges in delight, it’s only right you put it up on the wall and do it yourself.

Of Course That’s Just The Start…

Pool table in gameroom

A slot machine is going to look pretty lonely if it’s there simply on its own. Where’s the incredible pinball machine? Or the pool table? Or the NAMCO racing game complete with seat, wheel, and pedals?

It’s the combination which makes for an insane games room. It’s why Las Vegas is the most insane games room of all. But you can get pretty close too. Add some neon lights, some amazing arcade games, and an attitude where what happens in the games room, stays in the games room, and you’re almost there.

And there’s certainly no better way to get started than by getting inspired by one of the amazing games above, whether it be the crazy Japanese game nobody quite knows how to play, or the more traditional fruit machine. What’s more, we know we don’t even have to say this because you’re inspired already, but: Let the games begin…

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