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    • Author: batch
    • Version: 1.1
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    • File Author: Batch
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    • Updated: June 18, 2020
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  • Here is an original table about the German Heavy Metal band "ACCEPT" (you'll find all the files in the download, Table, B2S Backglass, Rules and Backdrops)

    Runs with VP 10.6 last version !

    I used the table "ALGAR" from Thalamus and Kalavera and Kalavera's B2S Backglass as a starting point,  so, big thanks to them for their permission to use their work

    So, you need to use the ROM "algar_l1" to run this table

    I changed the location of every element and added wire ramps, but the rules remain almost the same


    RUSSIAN ROULETTE replaces RIVER STYX, but, each time, you have to reach the LEFT hole first, and then the RIGHT hole without the ball hitting any other element of the table to score the 2X value

    METAL HEART replaces Extra-ball

    Here are the new rules (you also can find them with the table file, and in Table / Table Info, and, of course, on the apron) :

    Making 1-2-3-4 Advances X Value from 2X - 5X.

    Making Either Bank of 3 Drop Targets Lites RUSSIAN and ROULETTE Loops Shoots To Score 2X Value of Loop Shoot.

    Making Six Flashing Drop Targets Awards 10,000 to 100,000 Value.

    Making Six Flashing Drop Targets When 100,000 Lamp is Lit, Lites Top Eject for Possible - METAL HEART

    RUSSIAN and ROULETTE Loops Shoots Increase in Value from 10,000 - 60,000. At 60,000 RUSSIAN and ROULETTE Loops Shoots Lite Outlanes Which Alternate for Possible SPECIAL.

    Driving Captive Balls Against BALLS TO THE WALL Targets Scores Highest Flashing Values and Lights Ball Shooter Lanes to Score 50,000 and to Release Balls in BALLS TO THE WALL Lanes.

    Special thanks to :

    Thalamus for setting sounds in the script, adding sounds and testing the table

    JP Salas for testing the table and "cleaning" the script, and for his method to have flashers looking like flames from his table "DIABLO"

    Xenonph for testing the table, and some of his comments

    Flupper1 for his flashers templates

    Kiwi for his "always" appropriate replies to my questions in topics, and also to many others for their availability and help !

    Retro BASH for the primitive ramp (at the top of the table) I found in their Future Pinball table IRON MAIDEN

    Zanny for his primitive Spotlights (below the ramp at the top of the table)

    Please tell me if I forgot someone !

    And, of course, enormous thanks to VPX and VPinMAME developers ! :love39:

    Very special thanks to the band ACCEPT for their so "German" Heavy Metal (in the 80's, they seemed to come from another planet !)

    and to all the fans who encouraged me when doing this table !

    Sript options :

    If you want to change sounds volumes, it's from lines 15 to 32 in the script

    The artwork of this table is based on the five albums "Breaker", "Restless & Wild", "Balls to the Wall", "Metal Heart" and "Russian Roulette"

    The band is : Udo Dirkschneider (vocals), Wolf Hoffmann (guitar), Peter Baltes (bass guitar), Stefan Kaufmann (Drums), Jörg Fischer (guitar), and Hermann Frank (guitar) - sometimes

    Hope Accept fans will like this table (they will find no other ! :) ), and perhaps those who didn't know this band and don't listen to this kind of music too !

    Let there be (German) Heavy Metal !

    1.1: Removed mp3 files and decreased lighting intensity at the top of playfield

    If you want to listen to music when playing this table, just import your own mp3 files into your VPinball / Music folder

    Name them as follows: Accept_01, Accept_02, and so on, and then, open the script and uncomment lines from 82 to 115

    There are 24 lines for songs in the script, but you can remove some of them or add new ones, so don't forget to change quantity, Line 110 [musicNum = (musicNum + 1) mod XX]

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    • Author
    • #167879

      Thanks for sharing, and, you’re more than a lucky man !  :)

      Your music sounds “European” but not so much “Accept”, but it’s just the opinion of an old French guy :)

      I saw the trailer for the documentary about your band “I’m too old for this sh*t”

      Good luck to you and your band, and keep the flame !

      PS: Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I also did a “Motörhead” table


      When I load credits there is a very loud “smacking’ sound. I have that on some other tables also. what is that and can I remove that annoying noise?


      Are you talking about a dof sound or a table sound ?


      I play in desktop mode (I’ve no cab) and never heard the kind of sound you’re talking about

      Sounds are the same than on table “Algar” from Thalamus & Kalavera, as I used it to do my table “Accept”

      Sounds volumes are as below in the script, and there’s no “coin” sound


      I found two “loud” sounds in the Sound Manager, “diverter” and “Knocker”

      And they are in the script too (see below)

      Line 268 – bslow.initexitsnd SoundFX(“diverter”,DOFContactors), “,”

      Line 190 – SolCallback(14)=”vpmsolsound SoundFX(“”knocker””,DOFKnocker),”

      Any idea, Thalamus ?


      Believe he is talking about dof knocker. I seem to remember that it would fire on startup. One day I should have a look at it.

      If I’m right though. He should be able to just comment out line 190.

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      Manolo / ICE

      Balls to the wall ! That’s some old ’80s memories mate .

      I’m going to download it now \m/ Thank you :D


      1 user thanked author for this post.

      Thanks for the table, it’s appreciated.

      However, just because another site’s owner has his own take on including mp3 files with a table, not sure if that should be taken as some sort of a directive over here… oh well.

    Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)
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