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  • Aliens - Heavy mod of William's "Sorcerer" by JP Salas.

    Thank you JP for allowing mods without permission.

    Quick shout out to Siggi for his awesome "metal" tables and help.

    Drop table and back glass files into the Tables folder in VP.

    Drop all the contents of the Music folder into the Music folder in VP.

    Release version.

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      very nice table

      the attached directbs2 file though has the sorcerer image in the dmd section

      Right click on the Backglass and change B2S DMD to hidden. Then restart the table.

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      Rajo Joey

      Alright gave it a good test run, here’s some thoughts.

      First, this is more or less NOT a mod. It uses the sorcerer rom (which came out a year before the movie, nice touch) but it has changed the playfield substantially to the point aside from a few parts it’s a totally new game. Secondly and this is very important to note, the changes are WELL DESIGNED! The orbit is good and the ramp design fits in well. Then to shock me even further, the sound queues were smartly included for parts of the table that really fit in well (for example, the motion detectors, every time the ball is in that area, I’m hearing what I should be hearing). Aside from that, you got the music in and all the good quotes (and there are plenty from what I can hear therefore so far, nothing to get on my nerves).

      The best compliment I can give you is after trying this out, now I gotta go hunt for other tables you worked on, so Soul Reaver is next. Well done, take a frickin’ bow, you have talent sir!

      The only areas that inspire some consideration for improvement:

      • The very “Atari”ish bumper caps on a Williams type table, but I’m being picky here lol. Yes I know that is the colonial marine symbol but like I said I’m picky! ;)
      • The flippers, for some reason at times feel ok but at times feel weak for a ramp festered table. Sometimes though comments like mine here need to be taken with a grain of salt. For example, what makes pinball so unique is when you go from table to table, you’ll have a different feel to the flippers. This may just be me needing to spend more time with it so don’t let such a comment be deemed as overtly negative.

      Bottom line, mod or not, this is a homerun for fans of the movie and a damn fine pinball game for fans of pinball.


      I have the same feeling with the flipper. There are a few tables in the last time, where the flipper has some lag for me (Theatre of Magic, Independence Day and now this one). At TOM and ID I change the Coil Ramp Up to 2.5 and the tables play normal and with great physics for me. But at this one changing the Coil Ramp Up doesn’t change the feeling. The ball leaves the pinball tip at a wider angle than I wanted it to be. If anyone has any advice, i would be happy.

      By the way: This is a very good mod. I don’t play retheme tables, but this one is far away from the original sorcerer. Good work.

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      The Loafer

      I found the flipper settings ok after playing it for a while.  Like going from one arcade to another, often times one pin played differently from another so you needed to play a few games to sort it out and then adjust.  I really like this release, great job!

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      You did such an excellent job on this table! this is the best custom table ive ever played! :good:

      Health is Wealth:Knowledge is Power

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    Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)
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