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    • Author: cyberpez
    • Version: 1.4
    • Views: 4914
    • File size: 174.16 MB
    • Downloads: 7654
    • File Author: cyberpez, jpsalas
    • IPDB link:: http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=126
    • Updated: October 1, 2018
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  • Back to the Future - Data East - 1990


    Here is one of my favorites.  It has everything I love in a pinball table..  Great Theme, Ramps, and Multi-ball... Crazy to think I've been working on it for over two years O_O.  I hope it shows :P  This is a port of JP's vp 9 version.  I rebuilt it once, and then with the help of wrd1972 again to the correct dimensions.  Lots and lots and lots of new things, and some old from the original table.


    Check the top of the script for a bunch of different options/mods



    again its been two years I hope I remember everyone and what they have done.


    First off to wrd1972 and rothbauerw for helping me finish this up and testing.  Who know if it would have ever gotten done without them.

    JP.. for his original table (and anyone else that might have worked on it) and his permission to MOD.  Like so many other tables, this would not exists without him.

    wrd.. Heaps and Heaps behind the scenes...  Physics (HMLF) resizing and placing objects and on and on.

    roth..  All kinds of trouble shooting and code wizardry.

    ClarkKent.. Playfield and ramp decals along with some sounds and other tweaks along the way.

    hauntfreaks.. made a pass on the lighting and other things at some point before his hiatus.  He also did the photoshop work for the Hologram Photo (I love when an Idea comes together)

    Dark.. For lots of little nuts and bolts and things.

    Zany.. For the Flasher domes and other things I'm sure.

    flupper1.. For fixing up and texturing the flux ramp.

    nFozzy.. For his modulated GI script

    evileye and wrd1972.. For taking pics of the flasher domes I based my redraws on (icing on the cake)

    Others I've "borrowed" code, ideas and resources from over the years.

    Everyone else behind VP and all the other table authors!!  None of us get to enjoy VP without them!!!!!



    Sorry, been sitting on this...

    .New plastic scans - CK

    .File Size reductions and other things - HauntFreaks

    .New Physics - wrd1972

    .Surround Sound Mod - RustyCardores

    .Bug fixes and Tons of other tweaks - cp

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      Is there no music or background sounds in this table?  I get ball rolling and bumper sounds, but that’s it.  I turned on the intro music in the script and that does work, but only at the start.



      Have you tried hitting the F1 key and making sure the ROM sounds are turned on?

      - Wonky builder of the steampunk Nikola Tesla cabinet & Starfighter Cabinet


      Our local liquor store has one of these on location right now as a promotion for a local brewery and one of our local pindives. Had to go play a few games this morning (yes, I really am this short).


      Fun to be able to come home and fire it up in VPX for a few more games.


      And not a single grey hair!


      Nice one, I’ve yet to find a real one to play.  I hope we did an ok job with the recreation.  Fun fact, the playfield is actually 42.5in and not 46in..  Once I finish up KK this will get a teardown and rebuild!!!


      @krs14  Maybe this will help. https://vpinball.com/forums/topic/no-sound-williams-tables/


      How do you get the machine to turn on??? I can load it, but when it loads, All I can do is hit the machine and put coins in it, but it is turned off.



      How do you turn the machine on?


      All I want to do is play it, but I can do is hit the table and put coins in. I can’t get it to power on.


      Hey all. Just wondering if there is a place where people suggest settings for cabinet mode and field of view, inclination, etc.  I have tinkered using the F6 camera mode but wondering for all tables if there is somewhere to go. This table for me doesn’t seem to sit right so thought I’d see if there was a place to see suggested settings and then go from there?


      thanks in advance.

    Viewing 10 posts - 121 through 130 (of 130 total)
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