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    • Author: sheltemke
    • Version: Batman Forever Playfield Scan In Pieces (300DPI)
    • Views: 472
    • File size: 17.97 MB
    • Downloads: 74
    • Updated: September 26, 2020
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  • Batman Forever Playfield Scan In Pieces (300DPI) from an amazing guy on Facebook.

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      Batman Forever Playfield Scan In Pieces (300DPI) from an amazing guy on Facebook.

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      Is this for table creators only or is it possible for users to swap playfield image?


      I imagine if you know what your doing anyone is free to go for it.


      any chance you can get him to update the scans

      general rule when scanning a PF

      Make sure that every object in the PF is scanned in Full –>  you can do an auto merge instead of doing manual merging

      I had to spend way to much time on the Nicole Kidman image because the drop target cut out was not scanned in full

      PS was warping the edges the left side of the image is still warped but it was allot worse.


      Files will not stay here for long  1G zip file and I’m running out of space



      Files Slings Right.jpeg  and Trough Right.jpeg

      their is not enough overlap between this to images they will not auto merge.

      take a look at 2.PSD in the 3 pic merged folder.

      I cropped about 1-2 inches from one pic and added it to the other and was able to do an

      auto merge between 1.PSD and 2.PSD

      if the  Radar object was scanned in full PSD would of done an auto merge.


      but the bigger problem is between Below Pops Right.jpeg  and Pops Right. jpeg

      The riddler is missing part of his right arm/hand and most of the bat next to his arm is missing.

      we need that section of the PF scanned  because 5.PSD  and 4.PSD  cannot be merged.




      see a table you like help me find the resources so that I can finish it


      I asked him, we will see what he says.

      By the way i saw ~2.5- 3 weeks ago he selling the playfield and throw a PM for him and he scanned at Friday night becouse he is a very busy guy.

      So no promises.


      This is awesome! Thanks for sharing these!!

      I took a crack at a playfield draw with the current assets provided and was pretty happy with how it turned out.

      I ended up redrawing that one missing section above the pop-bumpers.. the insert in particular is pretty low-fi, but it might be something we can cleanup later as a table is developed… and as 32a mentioned, it would be great if we could get that last piece to tie it all together at super high-resolution, but even the assets provided make for an amazing playfield that will look really nice in a high-res version of this table!  Thanks so much for sharing these with the vp community!


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      @ebislit : You are awesome ! :good:


      After 20+ hour of work on the playfield scan with many little changes (added motor sound to Batwing(Thx tp JP i asked help for the routine implement to script), screws changed from wall screws to primitives at slingshot area, some insert work here and there and some i not remember, oh i changed the batcave rock…even if the silverish is more authentic i like this form/color better better fit to the table in style at least for my taste) this is how the table looks now:


      Link for the full picture:


      Well i will still find little details to add/fix, and also i am not 100% happy how plastics and the lights on/under it looks, not bad but can be better, however lights were never my “speciality” lol, but i will try to make look even better.

      • This reply was modified 3 weeks, 4 days ago by sheltemke.
      • This reply was modified 3 weeks, 4 days ago by sheltemke.

      Wow guys!  Just wow. :rose:

      "Fuck this game. I love it."


      any chance you can get him to update the scans

      If you still want it, he scanned the parts you asked:


    Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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