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    • Author: Unclewilly
    • Version: 2.4.6
    • Views: 3927
    • File size: 354.01 MB
    • Downloads: 2215
    • File Author: ClarkKent
    • Updated: July 24, 2020
    • Categories:
    1. mod by ClarkKent

    based on unclewilly and nunzio version


    Clark's changelog:


    *) added scanned playfield (high resolution Cruse scan)


    *) added scanned plastics (bought a plastics set by crowd funding, scanned it and revised the graphical data)


    *) added scanned apron decals


    *) repostitioned every single object to be aligned with the scanned playfield


    *) reworked almost every primitive to look like as close as possible to the original design with the help of hundreds of photos


    *) redesigned the capcom specific gates, return lanes, scoop, protectors and several other small objects


    *) redesigned all wire ramps so that they can even be used on the real machine (which are already integrated in a private BBB build)


    *) redesigned the main plastic ramp to have the full functionality and looks of the real ramp


    *) new dancer and animation from Flupper


    *) added several new sound samples


    *) adjusted physics


    *) many changes and improvements were done with the help of three BBB owners making photos, measuring things and giving advices


    *) this construction should be as close as possible to the real thing, down to each screw


    *) thanx to everybody who was helping in this projec


    unclewilly added alien lock mirror animation


    *) correct green targets at the main ramp added. Thanx to Flupper for some help on the round one

    *) correct sized apron, missing metal parts added, corrected hight, fully correct positioned and sized decals, wire adjusted

    *) ball guides adjusted, all ball guides named correctly as seen in the manual.

    *) slingshot- and returnlanes adjusted

    *) plunger lane metal ramp corrected

    *) intersection ramp adjusted, missing metal holder added, correct coil type added

    *) all wire ramps adjusted to the intersection ramp corrections

    *) screw threads in the transparent posts added

    *) screw washers added as seen on the real machine

    *) metal protectors adjusted

    *) gate wires corrected

    *) several textures improved

    and several other small adjustments to increase level of details.





    *) fixed diverter movement


    *) fixed ball shadow (JP)


    *) fixed mirror texture (and separated the primitives group)


    *) added an invisible wall at the right gate to prevent ball stuck


    *) added new and correct flipper finger decals redraws (made for real BBB)


    *) added new targets qualify mode decal AW00187-11 decal redraws (made for real BBB)


    *) added new scanned target decals AW00187-1 to 8


    *) added new scanned spinner decal AW00187-9 to 10


    *) added ramp decal AW00187-12 redraw (also made for real BBB)��

    reduced mirror animation texture size dropped about 40 mb in size.

    hope that fixes everyones issues

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    • #192464

      Table looks great and runs on my cab. But nothing but tables sounds. thanks for the update this is one of my favorites.


      Restarted VPX and the sounds are there. Table plays great, thanks for all you work.


      Thank you so much for the update!


      Thank you very much Clark and UW for improving on what I consider already the best release out here for this machine. It is highly appreciated ! :heart:


      Great work on improvements. When I bought a pin and was on pinside all the time, I wondered if I’d ever see BBB, let alone play one. So cool that you (all involved!) gave me one. I mean, who just gives a guy a BBB?



      Still Chasing Charlie

      Thanks for a great version of the table. I also cannot get the backglass to work. Hopefully it is an easy fix

    Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)
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