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Missing DMD
2016-03-16 21:56 #

Thank you so much for the great table. I’m playing in desktop mode and the DMD is missing. Is there a way to use the stock DMD? I ran into the same problem with Shrek and it was the VPMDMD but I’m not sure how to fix this table.


2016-03-17 19:01 #

I got it. The B2S Server had the backglass set to standard instead of visible. First time I’ve ran into that. 970th time I’ve learned something in the last weeks. Thank you!


2016-03-16 23:29 #

:) then try alt-tab to vpm window it must be behind backglass or playfield. toggeling alt-tab should bring it forward then you can move it to proper place. maybe :)


2016-03-16 22:36 #

REM line 11 does not work. Changing line 17 from 3 to 1 does cause it to appear but I lose my backglass. Right now I’m running B2S on a secondary monitor in my cockpit right next to the main monitor. Thanks for the reply and thanks for getting me totally hooked on virtual pinball about four weeks ago when I saw one of your videos. Over two hundred PinballX tables later LOL.


2016-03-16 22:17 #

Should be there? click backdrop and drag the green dmd away. the if that dont work rem out line 11 in script or set ccontroller on line 17 to 1 works on my desktop so not really sure if none of that dont work ask in these forums for a tip



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