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    • Author: Krobar74
    • Version: .9
    • Views: 5353
    • File size: 109.14 MB
    • Downloads: 1483
    • File Author: Krobar74
    • IPDB link:: https://www.ipdb.org/search.pl?any=breakshot&search=Search+Database&searchtype=quick#3784
    • Updated: July 18, 2018
    • Categories:
  • FS MODE Only.   Here is Capcom Breakshot That I originally Built for personal FS mode.

    32assassin provided a base script and I tweaked the script to my liking.

    this table is about 80% done.  I always loved the real breakshot pinball

    and so I built me one for vpx. but now I got no time to finish this table.

    and so I figured I would offer it to who ever to finish this wip. or use

    whatever so we all can enjoy capcom's breakshot in vpx

    All plastics are made from scratch. the dimensions for the table are for the most

    part approximate. like I said this whole thing started as a personal project.

    I would like to thank 32assissin for his help scripting. Dozer for

    answering a couple questions I had. And I would like to thank everyone who

    contributed to building all versions of breakshot (Vp8/Vp9) as scripting and the like

    was used here and there to bring this version along.

    simply download and unzip to your tables folder

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      Rajo Joey

      I play this table again after a long time and I’ve got an error in line 758.

      break shot bigus Script Error

      I’m playing with the last 10.6 version.

    Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)
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