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    Cybernaut (Bally 1985 )   vpx

    Special thanx to Schreibi34 for his excelent 3D work

    Included in downloadfile : original+darkmod+direct B2S+dof config line


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      Table creations like this have brought amazing unexpected moments to my vp journey.  Bally released this in ’85?  I was out playing a lot back then and pretty sure I never saw this table.  A few years earlier Bally’s similar Xenon was everywhere.  Deservedly.   (thanks to  HF and Bord for that table!)  I would never have known this one existed except for the vp work and contribution done here.  The feel, sound, vibe of this is a great recreation.  Taking me forever to get it dialed in…but I love this part.  Thanks 95/5!      and dark mode for me


      This table brings back a lot of memories. This is one of the first tables I played as a kid. In our small town arcade someone would make little indentations near the plunger of exactly where you needed to pull it back to to get all 4 buttons hit for the free game. Naturally management would catch this, remove the indentation, and grease the plunger so that exact distance would no longer result in a free game. Then someone would retest with the plunger and mark. And the cycle would continue to repeat.

      Good times.  :good:


      Hitting the four buttons gives you a free game?  That must have been quite the feature back then!  Hope to find this table in the wild someday.  Really like it.  Thanks again 95/5!


      Thanks Mister & Schreibi … really great … so then: 2 Beers to Mister and just 1 to Schreibi ;-)


      95 beers to Mistermixer and 5 for me!


      This table is a beaut!   Great job everyone!

    Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)

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