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    This demo table includes domes in several colors and shows three colors flashing. Instructions included in the table script.Let me know if you have issues!

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      This demo table includes domes in several colors and shows three colors flashing. Instructions included in the table script.Let me know if you have issues!

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      I’m in the middle(??) of my original build and was looking for some “free primitives”.
      Like a blessing from above I stumbled on these, and man, my table looked mediocre before, but with these flashers my table looks like a pile of s**t! :P

      The only thing that look good is these flasher domes! :D
      Now I need to step it up a few notches, and try not to over use these gems.

      Thank you!!!

       Ben Logan2 

      I love the lens flare effect on the blue flasher. Super cool!


      I am in the process of making a Christmas mod and decided to try and figure out how to add nice flashers to table. Obviously I picked the right table demo to learn how they work and how to add to script.

      Thank you for this great resource table Flupper!!!

      I have actually got a blue flasher to work with table event on my Christmas mod!!!(Drain for now, until I learn more!!)

      My question is…

      The flasher flashes one time on a ball drain.

      What if I want it to flash 4 times on ball drain?

      Is there a simple script command for this or do I just tie it to variable that counts down from 4?

      I was hoping there was something simple like adding a simple “x4” to end of flasher command, to flash 4 times. I could tie it to a timer where it flashes for certain amount of time also.

      These questions may seem stupid, but I am still a beginner at all this!!

      I really want to learn it all!!!

      Thank you for your time and help.



      Not sure how exactly to do it if you also using flasher objects.  But for the light objects you can use the .duration method.

      Duration(int startState, int durationTime, int endState) – starts a light in startState and leaves it into that state for the amount of milliseconds defined by durationTime until the light switches to the endState
      light1.Duration 2, 1000, 1 (light starts to blink for 1000ms and then switches to ON)



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      Maybe there is a simpler way, but I would just use a separate timer which does this countdown and again enables the flash for one flash.

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      Thanks for the info Sliderpoint and Flupper!!

      I hate to admit this, but I had always wondered how people were using these “Resource tables”.

      I never knew the process of loading 2 tables into the editor. So you can imagine the trouble I have had trying to use any resource from any table.

      It just wasn’t possible for me, until my friend Thalamus was helping test table for Scottacus, as I was helping test also, and somehow the personal message conversation switched to converting VP9 tables to VPX. I asked him many questions that probably seemed stupid to him, but he explained to me the method of loading 2 tables into the Visual Pinball Editor. (I could copy objects that were on same table, and knew how to do that, but never knew the 2 table method.) So I can now start using all these resource tables!!! BIG THANKS THALAMUS!!!


      I am so excited!!, and still can’t believe I got that flasher to actually work on my Christmas mod!!

      I love this stuff!!!

      Carry on.


      Thanks for these Flupper, they’re amazing.

      I wrote function to utilize these with the common JP fading light routine that seems to be copied to most tables.     Note that you may or may not already have “FlashEmpty”, depending on where you got it from.   FlashEmpty contains all of the ramp up/ramp down smarts that ought to be only coded once instead of each separate light implementation.   Anyhoo, here’s the code:

      Sub FlupperFlash(nr, FlashObject, LitObject, BaseObject, LightObject)
      FlupperFlashm nr, FlashObject, LitObject, BaseObject, LightObject
      FadeEmpty nr
      End Sub
      Sub FlupperFlashm(nr, FlashObject, LitObject, BaseObject, LightObject)
      ‘exit sub
      dim flashx3
      Select Case FadingLevel(nr)
              Case 4, 5
      ‘ This section adapted from Flupper’s script
      flashx3 = FlashLevel(nr) * FlashLevel(nr) * FlashLevel(nr)
                  FlashObject.IntensityScale = flashx3
      LitObject.BlendDisableLighting = 10 * flashx3
      BaseObject.BlendDisableLighting = flashx3
      LightObject.IntensityScale = flashx3
      LitObject.material = “domelit” & Round(9 * FlashLevel(nr))
      LitObject.visible = 1
      FlashObject.visible = 1
      case 3:
      LitObject.visible = 0
      FlashObject.visible = 0
      end select
      End Sub
      Sub FadeEmpty(nr) ‘Fade a lamp number, no object updates
          Select Case FadingLevel(nr)
      Case 3
      FadingLevel(nr) = 0
              Case 4 ‘off
                  FlashLevel(nr) = FlashLevel(nr) – FlashSpeedDown(nr)
                  If FlashLevel(nr) < FlashMin(nr) Then
                      FlashLevel(nr) = FlashMin(nr)
                     FadingLevel(nr) = 3 ‘completely off
                  End if
                  ‘Object.IntensityScale = FlashLevel(nr)
              Case 5 ‘ on
                  FlashLevel(nr) = FlashLevel(nr) + FlashSpeedUp(nr)
                  If FlashLevel(nr) > FlashMax(nr) Then
                      FlashLevel(nr) = FlashMax(nr)
                      FadingLevel(nr) = 6 ‘completely on
                  End if
                  ‘Object.IntensityScale = FlashLevel(nr)
      Case 6
      FadingLevel(nr) = 1
          End Select
      End Sub

      Then in your light routine, you can use it like this:

      FlupperFlash 100, Flasherflash4, FlasherLit4, FlasherBase4, FlasherLight4

      Or for multiples:

      Flashm 100, f20
      FlupperFlashm 100, Flasherflash666, FlasherLit6, FlasherBase6, FlasherLight6
      FlupperFlash 100, Flasherflash444, FlasherLit4, FlasherBase4, FlasherLight4

      Hope this helps someone.  :)

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