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    Included: FSS Backglass/Box/Backlight. Color Correction. Persistent General Illumination, & Shadows. Fast Flips. Day and Night transition. I also added Fluppers Glowball from Diner.

    Original Author VPX ninuzzu



    1. Grab and rotate your screen in portrait mode.
    2. Do the same in your windows display setup.
    3. Setup reshade: https://vpinball.com/forums/topic/re-shade-install-guide-for-fss-tables/

    So it was brought to my attention that my FSS Mod was buggy on this table.. So I am sorry to all you folks who downloaded the previous version.

    -Fixed the zscale bug.

    -provided new POV's  for 16.9 , FSeries, FSeries2, and 16.9 Special.

    -rescaled / relocated backglass/backbox.

    -rescaled the playfield.


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