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    Welcome to the VP10 version of Funhouse - made by Williams in 1990. A true classic pinball with every single image and detail modeled straight from my real Funhouse machine. After two years plus of development, Rudy is waiting to kick your ass! No stone left un-turned on this recreation folks. If its in the real machine, then you will find it in this table.

    Thanks to Shoopity for allowing me to complete his awesome Funhouse WIP and extra thanks to Cyberpez for the tons of excellent 3D work and Rothbauerw for the complex scripting assistance. These guys worked some serious overtime on this table and I cant thank them enough for their contributions. Well done guys. These guys deserve major props and the table would not be what it is without them.

    Be sure to check out the many options available for the table including the add-on playfield toys and various Rudy visual and sound enhancements. The random Rudy punch sounds are very amusing and will keep you laughing. :)

    ***The very talented FH development team.***

    Original VP10 beta by "Shoopity" and completed by "wrd1972"

    Original content borrowed from "JPsalas"

    VP9 table Additional scripting by "cyberpez", "rothbauerw", "32assassin"

    Plastics prims by "cyberpez"

    Playfield toy, marble ball and faceless Rudy mods by"Cyberpez"

    Creepy Rudy artwork by "Rothbauerw"

    Clear ramps by "dark"

    Wire ramps by "ninuzzu"

    Subway by "ninuzzu"

    Rudy face prims by "vanlion"

    Mystery mirror by "cyberpez"

    PF lighting by "wrd1972"

    Flashers and bulbs by "wrd1972"

    Physics by "wrd1972"

    PF image refresh by "clarkkent"

    DT view scoring reels and background by "32assissin"

    DOF by "arngrim"

    Flasher domes by "flupper"

    PF inserts prims by Schreibi34



    Requires ROM FH_906H and VP10.6 Beta Minimum.

    Note: The PF reflections have been disabled purposely because this table is resource hungry and can negatively impact performance on lesser powerful machines. Every attempt has been made to optimize the table to run on lesser powerful systems.


    • Added even more shields to prevent stuck balls
    • Revised Rudy texture - again
    • Many visual fixes - thanks Dreifet
    • Ball lock bug fixed - thanks Rothbauerw
    • Added more Rudy mouth hit sound effects
    • Removed static flipper shadow for upper flipper
    • Minor physics changes to slow the ball action down just a bit


    • Added additional shields to prevent stuck balls
    • Revised Rudy texture


    • Fixed missing materials
    • Fixed areas where launched balls might get stuck
    • Other visual enhancements

    2.0 - Total rebuild of most areas of the table. (no longer available)

    • New lighting
    • New physics
    • Countless 3D enhancements

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      2 and 3 Screen set-up and more


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      @wrd1972 Wow i don’t why i waited to d/l this for so long! This right here has ALWAYS been my favorite pinball of all time. Up until today i was on ver 1.3 for so long. Crazy good realism on this and the Flashers, Rudy’s head improvement, even the screws/ nuts  and the pf physics . I can go on and on.., but This is my new Funhouse.

      One thing i cannot seem to remove the siderails for F/S view. I usually just check the script first, if not there then i disable thru layers. Can you help me with this.

      Crazy knockout on this one. Thanks  :good:

    Viewing 2 posts - 421 through 422 (of 422 total)

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