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    Back not long after I finished up Black HOle.  Someone in a random thread mentioned someone should do  Haunted House.  Hauntfreaks "nominated cyberpez"  I said sure but only if resources were available.  Not long after that bodydump dumped his playfied redraws, plastic scans and ton of gathered images of the table.  Now I was stuck....  so I got to work.


    I had a working table fairly quick but doing what I do best I stalled out and moved onto something else.  Arconovum messaged me and asked if he could take a look at where I was with it.  He added his FSS and tons of other visual stuff.  At this ping it was really looking great but not done, so I put out a beta and let it sit again.  That was a year ago...


    Fast forward to about 6 months ago as tmnt was wrapping up. I decided to dig back into this hard and finish it up.  With lots of new tricks up my sleeves it came together pretty quick.  Another bonus was getting to play a real one not to long ago.  Lots of last minute tweaks and reworks to add in details from the real table.  I think/hope everyone will agree the wait was worth it.


    As always check the top of the script, lots of options.  Also table works with 6 and 7 digit ROM.


    So, big thanks to!!


    Bodydump - for providing his playfield redraws and plastic scans

    Wrd1972 - Countless back and forths. Physics, lots of physics, helping get the table rebuilt and sized right, testing and feedback.

    rothbauerw - putting up with Wrd and me.  For also being a code wizard, and making the impossible seem simple.

    Arconovum - For adding his FSS, tons of little details here and there.  In general getting me excited to work on this again.

    Bord for his awesome new Gottleib flippers (I did the small upper one myself, it turned out to good to not use)

    Dark - I'm sure there are some Dark nuts and bolts in here somewhere.

    DJRobX: SSF code and thanks to RustyCardores for showing me the way, you can't go back!!  Ball drop tweaks by Roth and me.


    Last but not least the developers and other table authors.  This community is nothing without everyone doing their part!!!!!!


    Happy Halloween.... Enjoy!!!


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      I figured as much. Hopefully when development continues we can hold this up as an example of what we’d like to see happen natively with kicker physics. It is a glaring chink in the armor currently.

      Totally agree. I cringe nearly every single time I get a ball in the saucer. In my opinion, this is far and away the most un-natural visual in VP. Even when I took the cab to a show, most folks stated the exact same thing.


      So even what was done on HH, is all a bunch of hacks, to make it look like that. Hopefully they can do something with the actual saucer objects, so all tables will inherit the goodness of it.

      My VP Pincab /MAME Arcade Specs: Dell T3400 workstation with Core2 Quad core 3.0GHZ (Q9650) CPU - 8GB of RAM - Nvidia 760GTX (MSI Twin Frozr)

      40" PF Sony gaming LED TV, 22" upper and 19" lower monitors in the backbox - Virtuapin controller w/ analog plunger - Full DOF - Full MAME arcade support


      That and the target bank issue, was playing the real pinball pool yesterday and had the ball sweep down the drops and take out 5 of them, no way that would happen in vp without a lot of weird custom script hacks.

      Oh yeah, my Flight2000 would be very, very happy with target sweeps. There’s even a scoring event associated with sweeping the spinner target bank.


      Thanks everyone!  Been excited to share the table for a while.


      Actually, the saucer was nothing to fancy.  The main playfield is a primitive with all the holes cut into it with a wall Bellow to catch the ball if needed.  Trigger to activate the switch and a change in vel to kick the ball back out.  Took a bit of trial and error to get the ball going the right direction… But the whole setup was fairly simple.

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      Cool release, did some side by side comparison to the beta, great progress. I love all the options :yes: Thanks a lot.


      After about 2 or 3 minutes playing I get an error message and the table stops.


      After about 2 or 3 minutes playing I get an error message and the table stops.

      Are you using VPX 10.5 ?


      Yes I am using 10.5.  Updated today

      VpinMame is Sambuild3.2 rev r4639.  I noticed there is a new Vpinmame, maybe I should try that

       The Loafer 

      Did you use the all-in-one install of vp10.5 and ensure you backup/ delete all the .vbs files outside of the script folder (ie. No .vbs in tables folder).  Only the script folder should contain vbs files


      Did you use the all-in-one install of vp10.5 and ensure you backup/ delete all the .vbs files outside of the script folder (ie. No .vbs in tables folder). Only the script folder should contain vbs files

      I used the all in one installer when I installed 10.4.  I just used the VP10.5 stand alone to upgrade.

      All scripts are in the script folder.



      Hey CP,

      Just wanted to drop a note to say what a nice job you did!  Looks and plays greats.  Really dig the lower PF lighting!



      Beautiful table. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work that goes into these tables.


      Thanks Cyberpez for doing this.

      This really takes me back. This is one of the first tables I ever played. I remember being blown away that there were 3 playfield levels. Heavy……

    Viewing 12 posts - 21 through 32 (of 32 total)

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