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    • Author: BorgDog
    • Version: 2.0
    • Views: 12498
    • File size: 121.90 MB
    • Downloads: 4009
    • File Author: BorgDog, Hauntfreaks, 32assassin
    • IPDB link:: https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=1266
    • Updated: May 18, 2019
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  • Original Description, see changlog for updates.

    32assassin recently posted his Incredible Hulk over on vpf, and my buddy Haunt and I were both playing with it and really enjoying it, but wanted to do our "stuff" to it.  So first of all thanks to 32 for his version which this started from.

    First we replaced the redrawn playfield with a photo image from ipdb that haunt cleaned up and replaced missing/ bad items.  then we set about doing all those little things, like animated rubbers, drop target shadow lighting, put the proper Gottlieb spinner primitive in and borrowed cyberpez's animated spinner rod idea with gtxjoe's math equations to add that (it's f'in cool!).  Fixed a few lights that were not working in 32's version, added desktop backdrop items for game over, ball in play etc.  tweaked physics, objects, and a whole bunch of other little piddly shit.

    Included is a new db2s that started as a wildman one (thanks!) and haunt cleaned up and tweaked a newer image, and i tweaked the lighting and led colors.  I then took that image and made a new desktop backdrop and inserted into the table to make it the way I like them :)

    Needs VPX.5

    2.0 rebuild-update

    • rebuilt on scan of my playfield
    • added primitive playfield mesh
    • several primitive updates, apron, gate bracket, tent lane guides, post nuts, etc
    • gi shadows blender rendered following @bord tutorial video
    • arch rail sound effect from @scottacus (I think ;)
    • glass hit effect, yes the ball does occasionally hit the glass on the real one to my surprise, not often but it does happen usually from high speed rolling left flipper shot to the drop targets
    • @rothbauerw ball drop sounds to go along with the glass hit stuff that I believe he also worked on, also hear at other times
    • minor updates to db2s
    • themed the way I refurbished my real Hulk, black rails, black rubbers, black post nuts, I left the old version up if you can't stand it and want white rubbers, or feel free to change everything :)
    • added freeplay option near top of script.  this functions the same way you add freeplay to a stock real system 1 by jumpering the add credit with the start button.  you may have to press start twice depending on timing of things. not enabled by default
    • some other things I'm sure.  thanks to @bord for some play testing and feedback

    1.3 update in honor of Stan Lee.  RIP, the world would have been much duller without you.

    • new 8K plastics image
    • new db2s image
    • bords 2" flippers up top
    • other minor changes

    1.2 update

    • new playfield from markrock76 - Thanks!
    • flipper and ball shadows (can turn off in script options near top)
    • positional sound routines
    • change all posts to "liberal" positions
    • bords new flipper primitives
    • bunch of other primitive swaps to nicer versions
    • minor tweaks and fixes

    1.1 fixed DOF bumpers - thanks randr

    1.0 initial release

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      Perfect update!! Many, many thanks for this great table.

      Just a question about the backlass, because this this is in my mind since the very first release of this table/backglass. There are these four heads of Bruce, which are indicating the transformation from Bruce Banner to the Hulk. They are lighting up in this sequence (1 = right head = Bruce; … 4 = left head = Hulk):

      1, 3, 1, 3, 1, 4 … finally all togehter

      But shouldn´t it be:

      1,   2,    1, 3, 1, 4 … finally all together?

      It seems that the second head from the right hand side will be skipped. Is this intentionally? Or is this a mistake, which will be taken over from one version to another?

      Anyways, this is a wonderful table and a fantastic release!! Again: Many, many thanks to all involved masters!

      Cheers, Jannek


      The real one has no actual programmed pattern to it, the lights are all on one string and I think just came with regular bulbs from the factory, but most people stick flasher bulbs in the sockets which ‘randomly’ flash. The b2s program has no real random flashing ability is just a simple repeating sequence. That said it would be fairly easy to modify to whatever sequence you like. I have all LEDs in mine, which are a fixed interval flash, so even less random and only come in a slow or fast type ( that I know of).

      Bob Albright

      Fine update! Thanks

      "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"



      What an amazing re-creation, great atmos and a great classic to boot!
      Did some tweaks on the POV, Scores and layout for personal use, as I’m a desktop player only.

      I know that 99% of the people on this forum have their own custom real pinball cabinet, but I don’t have the time or resources to invest. So I try to make a Desktop version that fits my needs in terms of play-ability and layout.

      Here is a clip of my Desktop version of your table.

      Thank you for this wonderful table!… Well done!  :yahoo:



      Nice game there. To be honest I have two cabs, but still mostly play desktop, or actually laptop when I do play. It’s great that VP let’s you adjust everything so easily, as I prefer a much more top down view even when playing desktop mode, basically how I shipped it.


      Looks amazing!


      I love the new version.

      Playing the real table is too long ago for me, but just out of curiosity: Shouldn’t the A kicker kick the ball completely up through the spinner, up to the 2x 3x lanes?


      sometimes it makes it there, most times it doesn’t.  I played with the real one a lot to try and get that more consistent, but it just won’t do that consistently, so I made the vp one to match.  What’s weird is that sometimes it will make it 3 or 4 times in a row, then not again for a long time  :unsure:   I like the randomness.


      Table looks great.  Can’t get the rom to work. Tried three different websites with no luck.  It’s weird that most system one tables won’t work for me, but all system 80 on up tables work fine. Any suggestions?  :unsure:


      What’s the error your getting?

      Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
      So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
      for IOS and Android


    Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 70 total)
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