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    • Author: supered
    • Version: 1.0.3d
    • Views: 4327
    • File size: 171.48 MB
    • Downloads: 1181
    • File Author: Ed Vink (SuperEd)
    • Updated: February 23, 2020
    • Categories:
  • This is my very first ever created table. After playing some original tables, I decided that I want (like) to make a table of my own.

    So, I searched for a theme, and it didn’t take a long to dedicate a table to one of my favorite 80’s artist……. Kim Wilde (Pink Floyd table……. Mmmmm……maybe that’s next)

    So here it is. My donation to the VPX community ?

    Playfield design : Ed Vink (SuperEd)

    3d models (except speakers) : Ed Vink (Just playing with Blender)

    Rules & programming code : Ed Vink

    Thanx to all programmers for some "must have" routines :-)

    Table supports:

    Players : 4 Multiball,Special Modes,DOF Support,High Scores, SSF and more

    Have fun playing.




    This build is only for a cabinet with a backglass B2S server. It should run on a desktop, but then you don’t have score etc.

    If somebody wants to mod this to a desktop version, be my guest, as long as you leave the credits and keep me posted that a mod is being made.

    Installation however is simple, just copy the VPX and the directb2s to your tables directory and download the latest DOF config for Kim Wilde table support.

    This table released has NO audio tracks in it. If you want to have nice music, please download the music tracks/loops at this location:


    Just unzip the contents and put it in the music folder of VPX.

    Then, open the table, search in the script for :

    bMusicOn = False

    and replace it with

    bMusicOn = True


    Then you should have a complete musical background ?

    ' Build 1.0.0

    ' Initial Release


    ' Build 1.0.1

    ' Better check on B2S for systems without B2S Server

    ' changed embedded controller.vbs to linked controller.VBS

    ' Added glowing balls for multiball and 5x playfield

    ' Changed behaviour of the KIDS light, audio was looped

    ' Added some extra GI at the left and right area

    ' Fixed issue that the WILDE lights stayed on after collecting Magic Bonus


    ' Build 1.0.2

    ' Fixes on MultiBall seqence. It was not an error but lack of timers

    ' Changed DOF 105 and added DOF 106. This makes a different for autoplunger (strobe) or not. (Thx Arngrim)

    ' Changed DOF 127 (beacon) to DOFPuls, and not DOFOn (Thx Arngrim)

    ' Removed 8 bumper back, seems that it is not supported in the future.

    ' DOF Config added MX Unercab ligting.

    ' Removed the double DOF's at the bumpers (Thx Arngrim)

    ' Removed strobe at every ball launch


    ' Build 1.0.3b

    ' KickBack activater is now adding, so when earned 2x, it will be activated 2x

    ' Added DiscoMode using right lane every 120sec

    ' Added and volume up the mine motor.

    ' Changed the code for the KIDS bunker


    ' Build 1.0.3.c

    ' Removed the audio tracks from the .vpx and put them in the music folder. Size of the .vpx was > 500mb

    ' Added "GARDEN" sequence


    ' Build 1.0.3.d

    ' Added mechanical tilt (bob)

    ' Changed code so tilt is actually tilt (disable bumpers etc)

    ' Changed the 'disabled table' code so everything is disabled

    ' Changed script so that not more then 1 special mode at the same time is possible (So no multiball in MultiBall)

    ' Moved 2 pins a little. Ball got stuck under right bumper and above right-right lane.

    ' Changed the height of the pins from 29 -> 26

    ' Added Beacon and RGB undercab during disco (Why not :-))

    ' Changed the size of the Disco Ball and set it some lower so its under the top light.

    ' Changed some minor code snippets.

    ' Changed/added some sound samples.

    ' Added Jacpot lights when multiball is started using Magic Gate.

    ' Added some extra lighteffects when a mode is ready (set focus on where to Hit)

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      I love Kim Wilde, she was a babe. Cool echo effects. one sound fx a bit loud, but such a cool table! i’m afraid to make playlists because if it is left on one my friends would have trouble finding the other tables I think if I wasn’t around but certainly a great addition to an 80s playlist. are all her hits in there ? I didn’t look. the one with Nena could be included. anywhere anytime.


      Holly crab what a FANTASTIC table, awesome job… if this is your 1st attempt i cant wait to see what comes next. Thanks so much for a brilliant fun table, plays superb and the music effects are cool :-)


      Holly crab what a FANTASTIC table, awesome job… if this is your 1st attempt i cant wait to see what comes next. Thanks so much for a brilliant fun table, plays superb and the music effects are cool :-)


      Next table will be Pink Floyd, very soon to be released :-)


      merci :good:

    Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)
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