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    This is a conversion of the Heman Masters of the Universe DOFLinx - Cabinet Edition(terryred mod) version So all credit goes to Rom! for the very unique FP build. Thanks Rom

    HUGE thanks to TerryRed for his DOF additions and his attention to the original FP table DETAILS that i would have missed without him.

    Thanks to Thalamus for adding SSF.

    Used Flupper's dome technic and all his resources from example table.

    there is a few bugs I AM SURE so releasing as a Beta and hopes people will find bugs, Help fix them or even work out the high score and multiplayer scripting that's already in table but i haven't tried getting it working yet. I also struggle with lighting so its not perfect but is working.



    Copy table to tables folder

    Music files (.mp3)go directly in VP music folder unzipped

    Beta .09a: Added Color Grading lookup(i somehow forgot to add that before) Table colors should look much better now.

    Also this version has support for Terryred's Pup Pack (coming soon)

    NOTE: This table will run just fine with OR without the use of pup pack!  But i would update to newest version even if you don't plan on using the pup pack option as the color grading in this version .09a should make the table look much better.


    beta .09: First Beta release

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      Very sad even if 10 years ago a company selling a “gaming” system sold a 32bit os. It really is lack of knowledge one their part that is for sure!

      get a new hdd and do a fresh install keeping your old tables safe then copy just the tables/roms/media over to the new 64bit os  :good:

      Currently playing around with FP to VP conversions. Nothing serious just trying to have fun.


      Thanks to all involved for this amazing table!

      My housemate took a short video of me playing. Unfortunately not the best angle or video quality so apologies but thought i would post it anyway as it at least shows of the amazing DOF effects  B-)

      2:25 for the multiball  :good:

      Safe to say this will be a firm favorite for years to come… any excuse to do the Skeletor impersonation “nehehehehe”!

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      My wife has been saying try my patience and ehhh for months around the house :( she drives me nuts but is funny for sure

      Currently playing around with FP to VP conversions. Nothing serious just trying to have fun.


      Love it!

      There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing what you create being played on someone else’s cab. I rarely get to see how my pup-packs look when someone else plays it….but it looks great! The flipper lightning works well during normal gameplay…and its also nice to see the MX leds working for others too. Not to mention seeing randr’s conversion of the table itself being played.


      Since I was home this weekend….this inspired to try doing my own gameplay video.

      A new “full gameplay” video of me playing randr’s VPX conversion of Masters of the Universe in my cabinet running my new PuP-Pack with the “Text on Topper” option, as well as my DOF and addressable led effects for the table. I recorded this using a dollar store “bendy” cell phone clip and my cell phone. Works pretty good!

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      Nice to see a fantastic gameplay video to show just how awesome this table is!! Specially on a great setup like yours Terry!!

      I love everything about this table!!

      Tops on my list of great original tables!!

      Huge thanks and great job Randr!!

      Maybe a She-Ra mod is in future?

      Carry on.


      Played this for the first time today… loved it. Everything works well.. I had the FP version on my cab previously but took it off as I just didn’t like the way it played. This version is so much better so thanks.

      I’d really love if someone could step up and fix the high score thing and perhaps not have to wait so long for the score to come around in attract mode.



      Stellar job on a stellar table! Everything is working smoothly on this end. Love that insane multiball action! Thanks for your hard work!

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    Viewing 8 posts - 101 through 108 (of 108 total)

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