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    • Author: Daryl
    • Version: 1.05DOF-plus 2 fixes
    • Views: 16641
    • File size: 59.02 MB
    • Downloads: 9633
    • File Author: Allknowing2012
    • IPDB link:: https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=6565
    • Updated: June 24, 2020
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  • Latest version of Munsters .. totally scripted .. no rom here.

    I have tried to address everything on the Stern Rules Sheet and PinWIki Rules for this game so...



    Raven - 3 Ball Multiball, Left Ramp Restart

    Herman - 2 or 3 ball Multiball

    Spot - Hit Spot Bash Toy

    Lily - Everyting Scores More

    Grandpa - Jackpots

    Eddie - Orbit Loops

    Marilyn - Collect Ramp Boyfriends

    Zap Jackpots - collect zaps (magnasave key) then collect zap jackpots

    MunsterMadness - 4 ball multiball

    stage 1 - complete an area

    stage 2 - collect jackpots

    stage 3 - collect hurry ups, repeat

    x 3 Levels


    Mystery Award Spot

    Kitty Award Spot

    Dragula Awards


    Scotty over at orbitalpin.com has hosted the score tables and tracking high scores, so be sure to put in your initials - quick edit to the script.

    It uses the Puplayer and can be configured with either 2 or 3 screen cabs. Nailbusters has streamlined the code so you should not need to edit anything with regards to that.

    Read the README for any other notes and such.


    Be sure and get the latest media pack that goes with *this* table.

    Sorry for the delay with Summer here, I am not finding much time to work on it..this is a big change and I hated to sit on it for much longer - hopefully no show stopper bugs!!!

    1.05 - awesome DOF from Arngrim, oh so cool primitives from Mr H. and fantastic new plastics and updated table from Mussinger. A bunch of bug fixes (see script for details) by little ol' me.

    -- two quick fixes for plunger and metal rolling sound -- thanks for the quick finds.

    1.03 - PUP Updates and New Media (grab the media zip File!!) - Thanks Nailbuster & Jamie!

    - tweak the plunger top corner wall

    - removed the dummy walls, dummy.

    - tweak lights

    - Herman magnet is reported to be on even after playing herman mode.

    - changed magnasave keycode to the leftmagnasave builtin etc

    - EOB noises, bug in music playing/not playing

    - Scoreboard is live -- Update your initials in the script!!

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      I won’t download this table for sure, I don’t like it if you have to rewrite something in the script, and I don’t like it if you have to download something that makes the pinball machine just playable, but everyone else have fun

      The Loafer

      sven34:  I’m really happy you shared that with us. It is very constructive and adds to the topic at hand and eventually should lead the OP in having a much better, well rounded table.


      Seriously what was the point of your post??  I don’t have a problem at all if you don’t like scripted table, that’s totally ok.  But just don’t download it, that does the job nicely without telling the author “hey, I don’t even want to try your table” LOL

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      love it – great table – very fast – cant wait for future updates


      table runs great but i have a problem when i press left or right butons he sad im gona charge that meter in gameplay how can i shut dawn that voice?



      The Zap’s are scored via the magna save flipper buttons — if you have them mapped over to your normal flippers you have a setup issue with your key/button assignments.


      (You get the warning if you do not see the flashing blue strobe telling you to score a zap. If you score a zap, it will light a blue zap jackpot after any mode is completed where you scored a jackpot. If that makes sense :-) )


      for people with PUP display/position questions:  you should not modify anything in table script for PUP position. Make sure you are download the latest puppack (media files) .


      This table default pup layout is for 3 screen users that have a FULLDMD (16:9) type lcd display…. should work out-of-box.

      if you do NOT have the above layout(you have a realdmd or 4:1 lcd dmd),  you need to grab the 3 pup files in the 2screen.zip file within root of updated puppack.  and replace the 3 files in the root of the pupack.    that’s all.

      *if you do have a FULLDMD lcd and the dmd is not filling up your screen then you need to setup configdisplays.bat (pup settings) so that your music pupdisplay is taking up the entire FULLDMD area. (most packs will use your music screen location for FULLDMD option).




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      The Loafer

      @Nailbuster:  Yep, this worked perfectly for me when I tried it about an hour ago.  The installation tab on this table states “Be sure and get the latest media pack that goes with *this* table.”… meaning people need to download the latest pup pack which will work with this version of the table.   Once I downloaded and simply unzipped the 3 files found in the 2screen.zip over the existing 3 files (as explained in the readme that comes with the table), my 2 screen set up worked flawlessly.


      There is an up post in the center of the orbit behind Herman. There are two skill shots from the plunger and both rely on the up post being up. The right lane into the pops and the left ramp are lit for skill shots. If you hold down the left flipper this lights the right ramp for the super skill shot and the up post is not raised on plunge. The up post is also used at various times during the game and multiballs. I honestly don’t know the rules around when it is up and down with those but could test it on my machine

      I do have the up post – acording to the rules the only time it is up is during a right orbit shot during super pops.

      The rules you are reading don’t have the full information on the up post. The up post is used for a lot more than that as I described for the skill shots and also during munster madness it will come up but I would need to test it to tell you exactly what is causing it. I think eddie has something to do with it.

      As far as rules on startup go on default settings:

      1. Grandpa has the left outer and right outer standups lit. You must hit the two inner standups and then once they are lit all will flash. Hit any flashing standup to qualify grandpas lab at the scoop to start
      2. Spot has the S and P lit and requires a shot to each ramp to start.
      3. Herman hurry up is qualified and requires one shot to herman to start the hurry up. If you fail to hit the magnet or drain Herman resets and requires you to re-qualify by three shots to the magnet before you can get to the magnet again.
      4. Once you get the ball trapped by the magnet for the hurry up you get a second hurry up. A ball is fed to the playfield. If you manage to hit the ball trapped by the magnet you get a third ball added for a three ball multiball. If you fail to hit the magnet ball or drain you get a 2 ball multiball to play herman out. 5 shots to dragula lights add a ball which will give you 3-4 ball depending on your start.
      5. Skill shots are as described. Upper right lane to the pops and left ramp are flashing. On plunge the up post comes up to stop the full loop. For super skill shot hold down left flipper to keep up post down and right ramp is the only thing lit.
      6. Lily can be qualified and run at any time. It is the only mode that stacks with others (there’s a long standing bug I’ll mention next). Lily will also always give you a kitty shot to increase multipliers but she is the only family member that will light kitty multiple times before you get to munster madness.
      7. There is a bug on the real machine that allows you to start spot and grandpa at the same time. Basically you qualify grandpa to start so just the scoop shot is needed. Then you start spot by shooting both ramps. Once spot is started shoot grandpa and both will be running. Since most people hate spot this is a great start to the game and pretty sure it’s not intended at all. Other than this one bug in the real machine no other mode other than lily can be run or qualified while a family member is running.
      8.  Spot and Raven can only be qualified and run once per trip to munster madness. Grandpa and Herman can be qualified a second time but Herman will just be a hurry up. You only get the multiball once per trip to munster madness.
      9. Always shoot kitty once you start increasing the playfield mutlipliers. Kitty shot always resets the multiplier timer even if not list so no matter what you are doing it’s always a good idea to throw a ball at kitty.

      Munsters is all about stacking the kitty shots and super jackpots to cash in at the right time. This leads to only one real tournament/league strategy that I know of.

      My first ball goal is basically a throw away. Qualify grandpa, start spot, start grandpa, shoot for lily to start lily. If I manage that depending if I wanna shoot loops I may just let it drain at this point depending on how much time is left on spot. Then I go for Herman, once in multiball I shoot kitty to increase playfield to 6x and play that as long as I can, then do the same with raven and if I can keep it going with the 6x through to munster madness you’ve got over 100mil. Do not cash in super jackpots until you have at least 4 stacked. With a 6x multiplier 4 supers is worth about 25-30 mil. 6-7 supers can be worth close to 50 mil. This strategy has gotten me close to 400 mil on the pro. Any other league strategy I’ve tried ends in misery.


      can i play 5 ball where can i changed?



      Amazing job on the Table.  All scripted.  A lot of work brother.  Thank You!!!!!


      Re L0stS0ul .. obviously rules change and get updated .. I will read thru your notes .. but just for an example..from the video from DeadFlip .. all 4 Grandpas are lit .. the same is seen during the Stern reveal with Deadflip as well. So what you say might be true but I just implemented what I saw and read.
      I cant possibly rip thru all the rules that are in their code or even try to – but as I mention I will review your note and figure out what I can and cannot implement.
      Ditto with Spot.


      That was early code from the reveal. This is your interpretation of the machine and of course you can interpret the rules as you see fit. I’m only offering up how the real machine plays as an owner of the machine. According to my stats I’ve played over 2000 games on mine and it’s on the latest code.


      where is the new pup pack please ?

      The Loafer

      7 posts above your own:




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      Any reason why my high scores are not saving locally?

      My cab is offline so I cannot take advantage of the orbital scoreboard.

      I see the default ones in there every time I load the table and everytime I play I get a high-score however it does not save.

      I think I found a bug. I had the enlarging Ray mode and the Lily mode activated per the dmd as it was counting down for both and I shot the ball into the Hermann magnet and it just stuck there never received another ball had to exit the game

      Also is SPO suppose to be lit and the T blinking on start up of a new game?







      Any idea what i can do about this when i try and exit i get an error


      I have 3 screen setup and the dmd is showing up on right top of playfield. 1.3 pupack works fine with 1.2 table but no love with 1.3??


      Any idea what i can do about this when i try and exit i get an error

      Thats unusual .. save to delete that line .. it is trying to unload the directb2s controller as you exit the table.


      I have 3 screen setup and the dmd is showing up on right top of playfield. 1.3 pupack works fine with 1.2 table but no love with 1.3??

      Unzip either 2 screen or 3 screen .zip files overwriting the 3 pup files in the mmunsters directory.


      Hello, do you give me authorization to modify the table? Thank you

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