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    • Author: Bambi Plattfuss
    • Version: 1.3
    • Views: 3842
    • Downloads: 5287
    • File Author: Bambi Plattfuss and his team
    • IPDB link:: https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=5442
    • Updated: August 14, 2020
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  • VPX recreation by Bambi Plattfuss, with help of: Team PP, JPJ, Chucky, DJrobx, Arngrim, Vogliadicane

    Thanks to my testers: Ace Danger, calium, Rik, KDS70, Vogladicane, Manu Smith

    Thanks to Visual Pinball Junkies Group on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/VPjunkies

    Many probs go out to JPJ who teached me a LOOOOOOOT, like Coding, LUTs or the moving net. YOU are an awesome friend!

    Thanks to 3rdaxis for helping me with table mods

    Thanks to Vogliadicane for helping me with new PF and inserts etc! You made this table visually beautiful!

    Thanks to Nailbuster for Pinup and his AI testing Code

    Thanks to the VPDev Team for the amazing VPX!

    Thanks to TT&NN for starting this

    Thanks to everyone i forgot

    Thanks to my Wife and Kid for letting me do this

    REV 1.2 is now up!

    ' changelog:

    ' 1.0 initial release

    ' 1.1 kicker hole bug fixed ' 1.2 lut changing fixed

    How to install this table:


    1. comment under the video where you got the download link with thank you Team Bambi - https://youtu.be/lew7WSg_ctI

    2. Install everything as mentioned in the FAQ of the Visual Pinball Junkies Group on Facebook

    3. copy the content of the tables folder into your Visual Pinball Tables Folder: C:Visual PinballTables

    4. copy the content of the vpinmame folder into your vpinmame folder: C:Visual PinballVPinMAME

    5. enjoy the game!

    6. if you don´t like how i shared this table - don´t download it and play one of the many other free available VPX tables out there

    REV 1.3 is now up! 
    ' changelog:
    ' 1.0 initial release 

    ' 1.1 kicker hole bug fixed 

    ' 1.2 lut changing fixed 

    '1.3 Ball Decals option added, St Pauli Mod added 

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