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    Installer for P-ROC Environment Software. Tested with Windows 7.

    The P-ROC (Pinball - Remote Operations Controller) is a circuit board that enables a computer to control a pinball machine over USB. More info at


    Please refer to the tutorial below :


    - initial release


    -fixed dmd layers issue

    -fixed multiball issue with more than 2 balls


    -software update to Python 2.7


    -VPCOM register fix

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      Maybe some ideals in here — – Click on the monsterbashpincab link, Then the Game for Topic


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      A little info to be had on Internet Wayback Machine if you are willing to dig but primarily dead links on a dead server. I could not find the link to the updated Install CCC.bat on there to point you to it.

      Fortunately, the up-to-date Install CCC.bat is still hosted on my Dropbox so I can post a direct link:


      Requires that you have kept the 7z and wget helper apps from the P-Roc Installer. Default install dir is C:\P-ROC. Change it at the top of the bat before executing if you need to. My opinion, you should just install all of the P-ROC/Python stuff to default folders if you are interested in hassle-free performance. I’ve run the installer on my laptop and cab and had no issues with it. If you want to wrestle with it then that’s your business.

      EDIT: There’s no way the Install CCC.bat from V3.1 is going to run successfully. Assets are hosted by the project author, epthegeek. He’s updated the sound assets file and it is no longer available on his site. With a dead link Install CCC.bat is always going to error out. The one in the Dropbox link is good. All of the URLs are tested, are live, and are up to date. Credit to ninuzzu for automating the install.

      HINT: The v3.2 P-Roc Installer works perfectly well with horsey/chepas’s tables (if you can find them). The only additional thing that needs to be done is to open a command prompt and enter “pip install requests”

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      Thanks for your help, all of you. I finally got the sounds files, everything is working perfectly now and I’m really happy to play it ! :)


      Hi Lonchaney,

      Could you please share the link for the package of sounds of CCC ?

      I searched this link for a long moment ago and i can’t find it :(

      Thanks by advance



      Thank you very much OUTHERE for your help :)

      i downloaded the files and installed them. all seems perfect expect on issue about 1 process that can’t load PROC :(

      I think that WMS.VBS is required but i d’ont have it. I searched on the web and it’s very difficult to find it.

      Have you got a link to dowload the required files ? :) :) :) :) :)




      VPX 10.6 is installed on my pincab, i think i need only WMS.VSB, do you confirm ?

      Thanks again for your help

      have a nice day




      Not sure what that file is (WMS.VBS) , But I do not have it and everything works fine…

      Maybe you need to remove everything and then reinstall…


      It’s very Strange, i just uninstalled et installed again PROC but i have the same issue :(

      Anyone knows this problem ?




      No one can help me about this issue ? :(

      I really want to try CCC on my Pincab…please :) :) :)



      You could try this

      Uninstall everything (P-ROC, Python27)

      When you download files and unzip are you using 7zip?

      Also you can try, Before you on unzip a file right click go to properties and you might see something like this file is blocked you need to on block it

      When you uninstall are using the uninstall bat file that comes with the Installer and you may have to do it twice…

      and then if needed go in the registry and remove anything that’s left.



      Thanks outhere for all informations

      before try this, is it better to use 7zip (like i do) or Windows tool zip ?

      For registry, wich values needs to remove ?



      I do not know, I use 7zip

      Go in and start searching for things like this — P-ROC, Python27

      But if you haven’t really worked with registry you’re going to want to do some googling to find out more info about the registry

      Because if you make a mistake in a registry it can cause your computer not to run, Make a backup of the file 1st


      Once p-roc and python is uninstalled. If you find anything that you are sure is related to these. Delete. If you’re not sure, then maybe it is best to let it be. Having fun deleting inside registry without understanding what you’re deleting is not advisable.


      hey guys.. is this installer still working?

      i can install step 1 without errors, but step 2 fails

      installing pypinproc… installation failed..


      This installer is outdated Carnypriest supports the new installer over at VPUniverse so use that one instead

      Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
      So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


      He is very close to a update – I ran it today and it looked fine, but he want to do some more quality control.

      P-ROC code for CCC has actually been updated recently and that is what he he is validating.

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