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    • Author: supered
    • Version: 3.28
    • Views: 8119
    • File size: 109.75 MB
    • Downloads: 3702
    • File Author: Ed Vink (SuperEd)
    • Updated: December 27, 2020
    • Categories:
  • Complete makeover release of my creation Pink Floyd - The Wall. Many changes are done, better gameplay, much more lighting, more sounds and JukeBox mode (Just to listen to the tracks)

    This table does include music tracks, but due to copyrights you have to download them from my GoogleDrive:


    The table uses UltraDMD or FLEXDMD (preferred when using DMD inside the table) and B2S backglass. Files are included in this download.

    Table features:

    - Multiball

    - 4 Players

    - High Scores

    - Glowballs

    - Moving walls (end-game)

    - Spinning Logo (like TOTAN)

    Have Fun.


    Download the latest music tracks from https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kugBtKj4P9LZPCYTo8Yy9Fz6_vAtQ7Ii/view?usp=sharing

    This table has DOF support, please download the latest config (DOF for this table was released 25-05-2020)

    Table uses UltraDMD or FlexDMD, so you must have that installed. (Change the settings in the script for configuration. Default its FlexDMD)

    You can finetune some elements at the top of the script, like some graphical toys and sound levels.

    When not playing, just hit Launchbutton for JukeBox mode

    Initial public (beta) release 0.79

    Release 0.80 Add musical tracks for every album awarded (thanks to community for the hint) Add fucntionality that a lane that is lit will reset the combo arrow to initial new combo ready. Old routine only made that possible by hitting the arrow that was steady red, so very hard to get.

    ' Build 0.81

    ' Sounds enhancements

    ' Fixed ball stuck at FaceMountain upper ramp (I hope its fixed now, changed the 'helper wall' for guiding the ball

    ' Fixed music when at multiball (Music did change when awarding album, but now stays at multiball song until 1 ball is LeftBottom)

    ' Added some spoken lines to the End Game_Init

    ' Cleaned up some stuff

    Build 0.82

    - Finally fixed the ball stuck at the mountain :-)

    -Added rolling metal sounds when ball is on a ramp

    Build 3.27

    -To much changes ........ just play and report issues :-)

    Build 3.28 - Fixed Multiball and Instant Multiball Issue - Transparant ramps - Fixed table exit when using UltrDmd


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      Great table !! Having a weird issue. Installed the table last night, when I launch the ball it disappears, making the table unplayable. Any suggestions ?


      Wow SuperEd, this table is really fabulous. Love the music and the vibe it gives. Really nice work. Thanks for sharing!!! :good: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :good:


      I have 2 errors and the table wont load. First I get a


      Line 1. Object doesnt support this property or method. ‘we.register’



      Line 1: Object Require UltraDMD


      I put the sepf.ultradmd in the tables folder. So im not sure what im doing wrong here. Im sure it is something simple.



      Great table!

      i was wondering if anyone else has this issue: when I load the table, right before it starts , my right flipper solenoid fires, and simply gets stuck in that position.  Table loads and plays fine, but NO DOF output of any kind, and right flipper solenoid stays stuck.  Downloaded new config from DOF….all other tables work fine, with no issues…. not sure what might be the issue… suggestions?  VPX 10.6, all latest updates …


      So after playing some more, trying to figure out where this might be happening, solenoid only gets stuck if I enable ultraDMD on the table script…with it off, all is OK..and DOF works as expected….

      not sure why this is…all other ultraDMD tables have no such issue….


      I have 2 errors and the table wont load. First I get a

      Line 1. Object doesnt support this property or method. ‘we.register’


      Line 1: Object Require UltraDMD

      I put the sepf.ultradmd in the tables folder. So im not sure what im doing wrong here. Im sure it is something simple.

      Hi everyone, cant see the 8 replys to this question. Exact same issue with me. Did a clean install of VP 10.6, loaded table and sepf.ultra dmd etc and no DMD. is there something simple i missed?


      As an update to the DMD problem and my solenoids firing, I took a chance, and I installed FlexDMD (https://github.com/vbousquet/flexdmd)..and it all works GREAT now! No more issues.

      GREAT table!!


      Awesome table, I t initiall worked great. DMD is now gone. Tried full re-install of everything and this is the first table i am trying to get working. No DMD! When I TAB i see this Pinball X “Virtual DMD” page which displays nothing. I’m not even running through PinballX at this stage, only VP10.

      Installed VP 10.6, then PinballX, then with no success, Ultra DMD as a stand alone install as well.

      Any thoughts


      Hey there. Great table, really enjoying it but I think I broke it. My cabinet’s set up in portrait mode so when I install a table I have to rotate everything back to 0 degrees and change the X and Y scaling a bit. When I install this one at first when it loads the circular wall around the central “Pink Floyd” logo “winds down” when the table first loads, even after it’s rotated back to 0 degrees… but if I change the X or Y axis I hear the “wind down” noise but can’t see the wall when it loads. If I change the XY scaling however it’s fine.

      [EDIT] Scratch that… I just tried it again and now it’s fine… even though the last 5 times I tried it I broke it. I have no idea why.


      anyone know how to enable regular dmd on this table. I disable my ultradmd because its not working properly on this table so was looking for the original dmd that normally comes with a table so I can atleast have a score???


      Fixed my issue

      Line 27 turnonultradmd = 0 ‘ change to 1 to turn on ultradmd.


      Changed that to 0.


      Loving this table!  Many thanks.  Is there a media pack?  I can’t record play fields, backglass, or DMD on my older PC.  Would love to add those files to the front end.  :)

      "Wherever you go, there you are." - Buckaroo Banzai



      awesome, having fun playing the table , good job mate, is there a way to replace the songs? cheers

      i read and use some logic for that :0) thanks


      This table looks fantastic. My only issue is that the ball hangs all over the place like my PC is too slow. What PC requirements are there for this table? I can play everything else in VPX without issue. I LOVE Floyd and I cannot wait to get this working properly. :) :good:


      My specs:

      i7 3770 3.4Ghz

      8GB RAm

      Nvidia GEForce RTX 2060


      playing on a mame cabinet (landscape mode)


      I have ultraDMD installed and the sound files.  Latest VPX installed as well.


      First off, I absolutely love this table.  So much Fun, in fact may be my favorite table so far.   I keep getting the same issue though.  If I’m in “instant multiball” when I lock a ball for the other multi ball is gets stuck and unable to tilt it free to move on to the next ball.  :cry:  This keeps happening and it’s always during the instant multi-ball.  Running v.82   Has anyone else ran into this problem and found a solution?




      thx love your table all 3 of them u put here….. what next The Doors would be nice wink wink lol


      Now to add this to the table



      By the way.
      Where in the table script is it disabling the background


      Author asked about wall mode and spinning logo mode

      Well spinning logo continued forever LOL
      Made it a bitch when wall mode came

      Unfortunately, after wall mode, the table ceased to continue.
      It drained all the balls, but did not end the game and at the same time, would not put any new balls into play

      May want to consider a check to prevent multiball from triggering multiball, at one point i had so many balls on the table
      that i was just slinging them off the flippers and if a few of them wound up going under the ramp, it was multiball again LOL


      ######### UPDATE ################
      Working on a new release with a lot of changes:

      New Lights and Flashers
      New Playfield bitmap
      New Physics
      FlexDMD (With option to include in Playfield)
      JPDigits (So a FSS can be made)
      User options (disable PIG, disable Professor)
      a lot of changes in the code (bug fixing)
      …… stay tuned …..

      2 users thanked author for this post.

      This makes me so happy.  I’m working on a pink floyd theme for my cabinet art thanks to this table

    Viewing 20 posts - 61 through 80 (of 106 total)
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