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    • Author: NailBuster
    • Version: v.1.3.2
    • Views: 4572
    • File size: 216.28 MB
    • Downloads: 868
    • Updated: May 28, 2019
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  • PinUP Player JukeBox Template

    By NailBuster and OPeCKiE 2019

    Based on Sonic Table by Javier and Brendan Bailey

    This is a dual-purpose VPX table.   You can play it as a 80's Theme table and add your own mp3/mp4 to enjoy.  BUT it also can be launched from your Front-End (Popper) so that it auto-plays all your mp3/mp4 within the PuPPack (use flippers to skip during attract).  And at any time you can start game and play table,  then afterwards it will return to the Attract mode JukeBox player!!

    Note:  Default template include only example mp3 music or mp4 videos by default.

    You will need to add your own 80's mp3 files to the Music folder in the PuPPack sub-folder.

    and you can add 80's music videos to your MusicVideos folder (Optional)

    The idea of PuPJukeBox is to theme a playlist of mp3 songs and videos.

    During attract mode you can press flippers to skip next/prior at anytime

    When game starts, depending on settings in table script,  mp3 will continue to play on each new ball

    or mp4 music videos can start to play...see table script at top for jukebox settings.

    There is NO directb2s file for this table.

    Note default layout is setup as DMD on LCD screen.  If you have a hardware DMD or only 2-screen setup, theres a PuPConfig Zip in

    PuPPack that you just use to overwrite the pup settings files (all 3).

    It must have PinUP Player v1.4.2 installed or newer.

    grab latest versions here:



    Thanks To OPeCKiE, Javier, Brendan Bailey, DJRobx for their help....

    got issues?  start here:  http://www.nailbuster.com/wikipinup/doku.php?id=puppack_troubleshoot


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      hi , i’ve set up the script to use video mp4 but unfortunately  no one of the mp4 work .. am i missing something ?


      Edit : my bad i restart vpx and it’s ok , thanks for this great stuff !

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