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    It's time to bring Pizza back to Pinball.

    Growing up the only places that had pinball were pizza joints and bowling alleys. I wasn't often at the bowling alleys (as you could still smoke in them at that point) so i played tons of pinball at pizza parlours.

    It always struck me as odd that there weren't any pinball tables about pizza when so many tables resided in pizza places. Plus pizza is awesome.

    The idea really started to grab me when I heard the local (Denver) band Pizza Time play their song "Pizza Time". First they are awesome, second it was the perfect link. A vision of a crusty pizza joint, pizza party took shape and I knew this table had to be made.

    Pinball Inspiration

    It's always important to me to build upon all that is great in pinball. It needs to be equal doses of innovation and homage as the rich history of pinball tables is something I find very worth building upon.

    In this cases the biggest inspiration was definitely Diner.

    PizzaTime coming to you with generous sponsorship from AtGames!

    Hey guys ScottyWic here, I wanted to take a minute to explain some really cool developments between myself (and my team) and AtGames.

    Earlier this year I was contacted by AtGames about their interest in supporting my efforts. I get a good number of requests to make tables for money and I've generally grown grouchy about these requests because this is my hobby and not a job. I make my tables because I love making things for people to play and love, that's the goal. So to be honest I wasn't even going to respond, but they piqued my interest saying "we want to help you get more tables out". And well as you guys know I am not able to make many tables, as they take an unbelievable amount of hours (many times 500+).

    We got to talking and it was evident right from the start that this was a different conversation. AtGames wanted to financially support bringing on others to help me finish my games AND allow me to still give them away to the VPX community. Wait, what? Yeah you heard me right. At this point I said, ok, now we're getting somewhere. What if I could release multiple games a year out to you guys, and not have it leaving me totally burnt out every time. This I was interested in.

    So we decided to give it a run and work to finish off my PizzaTime table which had been itching to be completed for years. It was at the point where I needed MANY hours to code out the rules completely and I was dreading it. Daphishbowl came alongside me with AtGames funding to code through the rules. As you all know, he is brilliant, and it went amazingly well.

    We now come to the community with the sponsored table, PizzaTime. A strange and silly table that comes out exactly as my vision had been (as strange as that vision might be). And I hope you love it like I do.

    On Community Negativity

    There has been a general negativity in the VPX community when it comes to anything involving money, and I definitely understand these feelings. What I hope to illustrate with this partnership is that there are really great individuals out there looking to help lift this community up for the good of everyone. I believe the digital pinball market is about to see a huge boom, and this is exciting for me as my tables will be played by more and more people everyday.

    I still hold that my dream is just to walk in and see kids hammering away on a game I made and I feel that's getting closer and closer to reality every day. But I hit the same road block, I can't spend 500 hours on a table by myself and make very many, I need help, and not like "I'll help a bit on the weekend" help, I need 40 hrs a week help.

    So I ask that you guys take some time to play PizzaTime and know that this table would most likely never have come out without the help from AtGames. They are truly great people that are trying their best to be as delicate and understanding to this community's feelings about financial investments as possible. And with this help I hope to be able to finish more tables with even greater quality than before and less strain on my personal and family life.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and for hopeful openness to this new exciting partnership opportunity for me and honestly for us all.


    • install vpx
    • install pinup player
    • add pinup folder from the download
    • (optional)add orbital scoreboard (osb.vbs version) instructions here https://app.archbee.io/doc/iWLeFb-kgHxMIwnwv7_8S/cBY7MwQz6xP3up2WHY9CH
    • open vpx file
    • adjust table script header to your liking
    • play & have fun

    TO all, I am monitoring all the feedback and issues on here and will be making updates to the items as needed.

    • Most issues are "script error osb..." = turn off the orbital scoreboard at the top of the script
    • Minigame losing focus (cab) = download a fresh vpx file
    • Minigame losing focus / flippers not working (desktop) = uncomment out line 5872 that says WshShell.AppActivate “PuPShooter”
    • DMD dislikes (size and such) = this was never something I coded around. This was designed as a 2 screen table and there's no need for that space. Feel free to do whatever you need there but it's not part of the design really. I might add to it but this is designed (as are all my tables) as a 2 screen JJP style table.
    • DOF not working = there were errors in the dof config that was done for this. they are being fixed and updated today supposedly
    • OSB score format errors = your system is in EU using . instead of , in the score. I will adjust to make this uniform in future versions.
    • OSB scores not posting = double check your file against someone else who's scores are posting i would guess there's a format error in your osb.vbs
    • Bonus score formatting weird = most likely you have stretched the pup. It is meant to be 1920 x 1080. If you have your screen fitting a tall monitor or off the normal hd ratio then you will find text format issues that i don't know if i can adjust for.
    • Micro stutters = if the slow computer mode doesn't fix then i'll add some future adjustments to this. most likely this happens as the ball circles the loop-de-loop.

    .64 initial beta

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      preciosa mesa y muy buen trabajo, pues que decir enorme como siempre, con este puppack no se atreveran a traducirlo a otro idioma y si lo hacen porfavor que traduzcan tambien el sonido, que no dejen a mitad el trabajo, gracias por el aporte!!! :yahoo:


      Dear Scotty!

      First of all, a huge thank you for this fantastic table! So far I have not been disappointed at any table you have made, they are all demanding and enjoyable!

      After installing Pizza Time, I turned off the Orbital Scoreboard in the script as well as the DMD (I have a 2 screen setup).
      My first problem was the playfield disappearance after Video Mode, but I re-downloaded the improved VPX as you wrote in a post above. At first it didn’t work, the playfield disappeared the same way and only came up again with an alt-tab. If I started it through Popper, it stopped with a script error right after starting. Then I turned off the “force exclusive fullscreen” mode on the VPX graphics, and then it worked properly. At this point, however, some other puppack tables did not start properly, so I reset the “force exclusive mode” in the VPX graphics, and then set the “Disable full screen optimizations” option in the properties of the Popper start file. So now it starts and works properly even when started from Popper.

      What I’ve also noticed is that while the bumpers are rotating, missing textures (images attached) occur at certain rotation positions.

      Or what’s more wrong with me is that any way I adjust the volumes in the script, the volume fluctuates while playing. At the set value, the game’s music starts playing, but when I hit the right things (targets or ramps) for one second, the music turns up to the maximum volume and then returns to the set value. And in Video Mode, it sounds at full volume.
      So far I’ve noticed that much, I hope it helps something to make this table perfect! Many thanks again for it!

      • This reply was modified 6 days, 9 hours ago by workerboy.
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      Very cool table – but the SSF Sound isn´t perfect !

      For example, the bumpers are acoustically / incorrectly set in my case. For me, the noise is always near the slingshots / pinball fingers … the noise should be in the back of the playfield. So far I haven’t been able to correct the position with the sound manager. (Rear/Front under Soundposition).



      • This reply was modified 6 days, 9 hours ago by timblo.
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      Fantastic Table, Scotty Wic and the team working on the table!

      What I love:
      – The humor: The “5 second rule” for center drain wuahahaa:)
      – The creative solutions: Pepperoni twisting bumpers, a loop de loop roller coaster!,the conveyor belt etc…
      – The concept of the table: How freaking original! I know Diner has a bit of it but this is way better fleshed out, pun intended.
      – The music: Punk serves the table surprisingly well , who would have thought!
      – Game play: Such a great goal to hit all the ingredients, ingenious. Great phyisics too and lots of modes. The built in arcade game is great (but hard!)

      Some people are not playing the game yet because of DOF not fully implemented yet but I am totally happy with the way it is now. I have exciters and bass puck and the vibrational feedback (table sounds) is top notch!!!
      My table shakes when the pizza box opens (the bass triggers the bass puck). Just fantastic!

      Thank you again for a great table!

      • This reply was modified 6 days, 9 hours ago by bietekwiet.
      • This reply was modified 6 days, 8 hours ago by bietekwiet.

      I am not the big Fan of Originals … but this wakes up my Attention, looks great, Scotty :good:

      • This reply was modified 6 days, 9 hours ago by STAT.

      Thanks for releasing this for VPX. Thoroughly enjoyed playing it this evening.


      anyone else having micro stutter? my ball is not really rolling smoothly, even if set for “slow computers”, only table I have this. Nevertheless great theme and beautiful, fantastic looking! Thanks for this delicious slice of fun!!!

      this looks strange, too, a matter of my BG resolution or size?


      It’s the same with me, I’m sure there will be a fix on it soon.

      After all – a brilliant table, excellent work, perfection in every detail as usual. Thanks!


      Thanks Scotty, very good work, but I need a little help..I use only one screen in the big monitor and I have a little problem because the table give me error in script…how I can disconnect from internet scores site?

      again thanks




      What a cool table.  Thanks so much for all the hard work!!!  Makes me want to play Diner to compare now.  And I actually want to eat some pizza now but it’s 3 in the morning and I know I shouldn’t

      I’m a single screen desktop user and I’m wondering if anyone else has the following issue:

      BTW, I think I have the latest vpx version since I downloaded it at around 2am Pacific time.

      DMD and Backglass pup videos are working fine.  However, when the minigame starts, my flipper buttons do not move the ship up nor down.  The ship just stays in place and fires.  Who knows, I’d probably die sooner if I could move the ship.

      Then, once the game is over, my DMD and backglass videos disappear so I just have the table.  I am able to play like this, however.

      When I Alt-tab the dmd or backglass to bring them back, they’ll both reappear but I don’t have control on the playfield so it is essentially paused.  I then can click on the table to continue playing but my DMD and backglass will disappear.

      I know single screen desktop users aren’t the focus here so I can avoid the minigame if I have to.

      Thanks again.  Definitely going to have to get some pizza this weekend.


      Rajo Joey

      I’ve made five games and the table plays great. But I have problems with two things.

      One is report earlier: The font overlap in the bonus counting.

      The second:

      I set  “Const osbactive = 1”, fill out the osb.vbs with my accountname and the api-key, move the vbs to the scripts-folder.

      Also my highscore with a little bit over 7 million isn’t shown in the backglass. There is my last highscore with 5.8 million.

      But none of them are shown online. Pinball has internet-connection. :scratch:



      Thanks for the wonderful table. I do have a PinUp question for tables. I am on a desktop with 2 monitors, one above the other. How do I move the backglass to the second monitor so it is not blocking part of the table? This happened on another table (Munsters) and that backglass would not move either.


      • This reply was modified 6 days, 7 hours ago by bha19.

      Also my highscore with a little bit over 7 million isn’t shown in the backglass. There is my last highscore with 5.8 million.

      Me again, now about scoring. Well, i´m sure there is something wrong. My score here, shown in the screenshot from OSB Scoreboard, are shown as “thousands” there. In the game they appear as 4.650.800 million. This 4 million highscore is placed at rank #3 at my local highscores; my 2 million score is placed at rank #1.

      maybe there is something strange in counting part of the script.


      VPin: Williams Time Warp Cabinet (1979), 4K playfield: 40" Iiyama X4071UHSU, backglass: 32" LG. Pin2DMD, Pincontrol 1, LEDWiz, leaf switches / buttons, nudging, tilt, plunger, 10 big siems contactors / knocker, PC: Intel i5 2500k@4.5Ghz, 8 GB Ram, Zotac GTX 1070 Mini, Win10

      • This reply was modified 6 days, 7 hours ago by kds70.

      Congrats on releasing PizzaTime Scotty,   another quality production that you have brought out,  well done to the team that made it happen.   thank you :-)


      I’ve heard about this table for a while now.  SUPER-excited to go play it.  Started watching the video above but, nope!  Can’t get through it right now.  Got to the Tip Jar scene and now I’m just like “Must…  go… play it….”  So, guess I’ll be back later!  :-)


      Wanted to take a second to thank you and everyone involved.  This is truly a work of art and I can’t imagine the amount of time and effort involved to pull something of this caliber off.  I don’t think many people understand what goes into an original like this, but they should.  Again, thank you to you and everyone involved…much respect and appreciation.  Keep on truckin!!!



      You just made a 74 year old man happy :)  Thank you, Scotty Wic!


      AMAZING.  ScottyWic, congratulations on yet another professional-quality design and implementation!  The gameplay, graphics, and audio are mind-blowing.  I can’t decide if your tables are talking me into or out of designing one myself.  I’ve got some plans, but then I play your tables and I’m like “There’s no way I have the talent to do something like that.”  If this is only v0.64, can’t imagine what v1.0 will look like!  :-)


      Big Thank You from germany!

      Somehow the first link isnt working for me – I only can get the table 64 (.vpx) from the second download.

      But there is no PuP Pack folder.

      Everybody stay save


      Edit – All works fine now



      any1 can help me ?

      1. in the minigame I can’t move the spaceship
      2. I have no dof working

      Great, excellent table! You can see the love put in this table. Thanks for making this hobby great, Scotty. Cheers!! :good:

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