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    • Author: Tom
    • Version: 1.2
    • Views: 2923
    • File size: 96.11 MB
    • Downloads: 1077
    • Updated: June 10, 2019
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  • Raven Pinball, this project started as a mod of Rascal's VPX conversion and the resources started to flow in so it got a complete facelift.  It all started with a set of new posts, targets, bumpers, plastics, etc.  Once the playfield was populated, Bord created an amazing new primitive ramp for the top left and the large clear one in the center.  Then I found a cheap helicopter shell online and Bord did his magic to make it come to life on VPX.  Great job on the modeling.  The script needed an upgrade to match so Bord and 32Assassin came up with something to make the table all come together and act just like the real thing.

    Special thanks to all that contributed (in order of completion):

    Rascal for getting this started with your VPX conversion

    Bord for all the primitives, work on the lights and script to get this playing like the real table.  For the amazing helicopter model and all the testing to get it working great.  And lastly for putting up with me!

    32Assassin for all your work on the script and for all the advice along the way

    Randr for all your time testing and getting this looking and playing great.

    Arngrim for all you work updating the DOF

    Thalamus for all your help testing and improvements on the sounds and gameplay

    And lastly to all those that paved the way for this table with your work on previous versions like ICPJuggla, GTXJoe, Wildman, Dark, and others.  Hope I didn't leave anyone out.

    Lastly don't forget to update your DOF and look forward to a mod of this table if you don't like the 80s chick...

    1.1: Broken

    1.2: Thalamus's script fix, thanks

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      Mike DA Spike

      Hi Tom,

      Great table  :good:
      If you make a modification on your table, can you change the code for the dipswitches ?
      I’ve added my version of it. In this you can control the Left,Right and center coin chute from the F6 menu. This can be used for almost all Gottlieb systen80s systems





      Played tonight. I noticed that when you knock down a sniper, the game stays in sniper mode. From what I remember, when you knock down the sniper you go back into regular mode.


      Also, for whatever reason, rascals table doesn’t play nice with my pc, and this table isn’t playing well either. Right off the bat, at the top of the launch of I don’t set the gate to a toy I will get a nasty stutter every time the ball goes through. Anyone know what causes this? Also, it might just be my imagination, but I swear I’m getting a slight stutter when the ball is coming off the sling shots (but that might be my eyes playing tricks on me). Does anyone else run into these problems? Great table and a lot of fun!

      I am having the same exact problem. BTW, Thanks everyone involved with this table & the Rambo table. :good:


      Thankyou Tom and everyone, plays fine on my end no errors, bumpers seem fine,no script change. :good.


      I mentioned the drop targets to Tom yesterday. He said, and I quote : Bord said ”Seems like the drop targets only score once you’ve hit each of them once. That is all ROM controlled so I’m assuming that it is working properly.” Its been a mystery for a bit

      Yeah, the drop target behavior definitely seems screwy, but looking at the script I couldn’t see where they are working incorrectly. Someone with more knowledge would have to dig into it.

      As for the gate stutter, this a thing that VP does with one way gates. Somewhere while the ball is passing through the gate there is a binary decision where the ball will or won’t pass through the gate and the ball teleports in that direction. It isn’t a rendering stutter, just a behavioral problem. When I was doing GI lighting I added a second invisible gate at the plunger lane to get the proper ball position when rolling down that high right lane. You could try messing with those if the behavior is killing you.


      I should be home tonight and I will update  the dip switch text.


      Just loaded this on the cab..Plays great nice job!!

      but have one issue for some reason cant figure out how to rotate the score on the 3rd monitor..

      used to be able to change ROL  but i dont see it what am i missing  lol…..



      Try to change the varRol value around line 38. Not sure though. Have a “real dmd” myself so – not an issue here.


      lol that works Thanks.. thought i did try that before.. :scratch:


      Why would you use that ugly girl on the backglass when you can used the original hottie B-)



    Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 30 total)
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