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  • This table requires the latest pinmame beta and the latest VP10.4 Beta Notes: You can change the GI in-game by hitting the Right magnasave while holding down the left magnasave The dancing boogiemen feature must be toggled on in the ROM. It's Feature Adjustment 32. STUTTERING ON OLDER VIDEO CARDS: please consider utilizing 'max texture dimensions' in the video options -this table utilizes an 8K(!) Playfield and may overload your ram as a result!


    This one has a huge list of credits:

    Original VP10 table by Shoopity with elements from Dozer316's mod of JPSalas's table

    Revived by Hauntfreaks with scripting by nFozzy and additional work by ICPJuggla and Arngrim. Flupper1 greatfully provided the ramp textures.  Some resources from LoadedWeapon, and sounds from Knorr. Hopefully I didn't leave anyone out :P Huge thanks  to everyone involved.

    Version 1.43 - Better error warnings and workarounds for some of the reported script errors Cleaned up the hole scripts Adjusted the GI and fixed a few incorrect reflections Instruction / Scorecard and LED skull mod now saves on exit Fixed some issues when running the prototype rom

    Version 1.42 Cleaned up initialization scripting to hopefully reduce errors Reworked GI, uses the proper rom-controlled strings again (1.3 had all GI merged together) - Has a couple new GI flavors to try, Saves GI colors on exit to VPReg.stg Fixed some sidewall reflections and updated masks for the new cab mesh Adjsted DT spider angle to be less distorted, adjusted SSFS spider to be more playable Added Sweep target scripting on spell targets


    Version 1.4 Added a Fastflips hack. Works by switching seamlessly between Rom and Direct-Controlled flippers. Flash caps have been redesigned to play better with vp10.5's screen-space reflections Ramp collision meshes have been improved for accuracy -also the upper sling area. New physics featuring a redesigned Polarity flipper script (Can be disabled at the top of the script) Optional floating text scores (See options) New cabinet mesh with siderails, speaker panel, and backglass (nonfunctional atm, no FSS) Cleaned up the script with a few improvements along the way - - Better ball rolling SFX script - Boogieman animations have been improved a bit - Added a keyboard nudge script


    Version 1.31 Replaced a few light images with better quality ones soundFX pass with new gain (LVL function should work better now) Added animated scorecard (Press R in-game to bring up the rules)


    Version 1.3 Changelog by nFozzy Optimization New GI in 4 flavors: Soft White, Cool White, White, and Colorized New Boogiemen New sounds, (please use the 10.4 beta!) new physics Added (limited) Support for pre-production roms with the kickback -The aux light board isn't emulated properly, so crate and deadhead LEDs are not working atm. -these roms have very early code and therefore simplified game rules. Bugfixed Single Screen Fullscreen support

    Version 1.2

    Rescripted and redone flash lamps, some other visual fixes and physics fixes, and a few new sound effects from Knorr and Clark Kent. Fixed a script error and the sticky drain.

    Script updates now use "-1" timers, make sure you have the latest VP10.2 beta


    Version 1.1

    This update comes courtesy of Clark Kent, who provided a better playfield scan and new physics. Thanks

    -New 4K playfield image and inserts. A few other visual additions and tweaks

    -New physics from Clark Kent

    -Updated the script with the latest DOF settings. If you get DOF errors, please get the latest controller.vbs

    -Reduced script latency a bit

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      Apparently that is the artist, Greg Freres’, daughter… I read that the machine has several birthday wishes on various days.


      Hallo nFozzy, i have send you a file on vpforums.

      Please take a look.


      • Great recreation, thank you boys.

      I know I’m a bit late to the party but it’s never too late for a bit of Elvira.

      My desktop pov…mmm, can’t get attachments to work via phone?




      A great table. I have been playing 1.43 and only had one odd thing happen. If the ball is not hit with enough force to make it up the right side ramp it will fall through the surface of the ramp and land on the playfield above the deadheads instead of rolling back down the ramp.


      A great table. I have been playing 1.43 and only had one odd thing happen. If the ball is not hit with enough force to make it up the right side ramp it will fall through the surface of the ramp and land on the playfield above the deadheads instead of rolling back down the ramp.

      Its supposed to do that, see opening of right side ramp above dead heads.




      hey there, has anyone had a problem locking a ball?? the issue i have is when the little flap opens the ball hits the flap and it falls back.  the ball needs to hit at the perfect angle for it to glide nicely in and lock.


      Just upgreated to 4K playfield and now the (single screen) spider wheel is not working anymore. :cry:

      There is no spider visible.

      Some one any idears??


      Look in table script at lines 104 and 105…

      ‘Single-Screen FS support (Puts spider on the playfield) Default 0
      const SingleScreenFS = 0

      Have you tried changing the 0 to 1?

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      I expect that we’re talking about Desktop mode here ? With 4k, you should now have screen space avail for db2s on either side of the pf. Maybe give it a shot and see if that isn’t a good alternative for you as well.

      1 user thanked author for this post.

      Thanks for your answers Xenonph and Thalamus.

      I’m talking about Fullscreen not Desktop mode.

      The Spider wheel still apears on the playfield but some flashers, with the simbols (deadheads, leaper ect),

      are showen under FSspider textur for the wheel, some not.

      And you can’t see the Spider itself but the wheel is still working you can stop it and you get the award.

      Maybe i should lower the hight of FLspiderback flasher. It is set to 164.

      The other flashers are set to 165 and 166.

      I will try it tomorow, on the cap, but i don’t think that this will fix the problem.





      Just to say thanks for keeping the updates on this table! It’s a beautiful recreation and probably my #1 played VPX table.

      Cheers! :good:


      Lowering FLspiderback flasher did not fix the problem.

      But removing it will show the spider and the simbols again.

      Not perfectly fine but it works.


      Lowering FLspiderback flasher did not fix the problem.

      But removing it will show the spider and the simbols again.

      Not perfectly fine but it works.

      Hello Siggi!

      Just read your comments, and want to ask why not use a blackglass with spider wheel ? You prefer the wheel on the main screen?

      By the way i improved the apron some time ago (the table itself looks amazing one of the total bests i always amazed when i playing but wanted sharper better looking apron, with better looking spiderwebs so i did one).

      As i read Nfozzy not online since a while so don’t know what you think guys should i link here the apron image or forget it not so important?


      Love this table!

      Got a small question.

      When i am in camera edit mode,

      desktop picture is much brighter and

      i can see the speakers on the back box.

      Then when i start a game i can´t  see the speakers.

      Tried different light settings but it is still darker.

      I play in desktop mode.


      Hey guys,  I looked for awhile about my problem but to luck.   I am seeing alot of the sidewall for v1.43.  all the pics im seeing from everyones table looks full. Any ideas?


      Nice table but one more without high scores…


      Did anyone ever fix the spider and spider wheel not showing up on the playfield? I’ve tried changing the “const SingleScreenFS = 1” and i’ve messed with other settings in the script file but certain changes i make will show the spider and wheel lights but then the DAMN BLACK SPIDERWEB IS ALWAYS ON TOP.  Can someone help or send me a link to your script file. I have a 2 screen setup but I don’t mind keeping it on the playfield because I have a pup pack for my backglass so it probably wouldn’t display because of the videos.  PLEASE….I LOVE THIS TABLE AND WANT TO SHOW IT OFF.  Help me fix the script or send me yours!!!

      ‘Wheel Placement (DT / SSFS)
      dim x, a, a2, str
      if Table1.ShowDT then
      flspiderback.visible = 1                           <———————————–
      WheelPlacer l82, -90.1
      WheelPlacer l83, -67.5
      WheelPlacer l64, -45
      WheelPlacer l65, -22.5
      WheelPlacer l66, 0
      WheelPlacer l67, 22.5
      WheelPlacer l68, 45
      WheelPlacer l71, 67.5
      WheelPlacer l72, 90
      WheelPlacer l73, 112.5
      WheelPlacer l74, 135
      WheelPlacer l75, 157.5
      WheelPlacer l76, 179.9
      WheelPlacer l77, -157.5
      WheelPlacer l78, -135
      WheelPlacer l81, -112.5
      FSSpiderenabled = False                                     <———————————–
      Elseif SingleScreenFS Then
      FSSpiderenabled = True                                       <———————————–
      if not table1.showdt then ShowSpider 0           <———————————–
      FLspiderback.visible = 1                                      <———————————–
      FLspider.visible = 0                                              <———————————–
      a= Array(l82,l83,l64,l65,l66,l67,l68, l71,l72,l73,l74,l75,l76,l77,l78,l81)
      a2= Array(fs1,fs2,fs3,fs4,fs5,fs6,fs7, fs8,fs9,fs10,fs11,fs12,fs13,fs14,fs15,fs16)
      for x = 0 to uBound(a)
      str = a2(x).x & “->” & a(x).x
      MatchObj a(x), a2(x) ‘move the lamps to the center of the playfield
      For each x in a
      x.RotX = 0 : x.RotZ = 0 : x.RotY = 0

      FlSpider.x = FlSpider1.x : FlSpider.y = FlSpider1.y
      FlSpider.Height = 166                                                                                  <———————————–
      FlSpider.RotX = 0 : FlSpider.RotZ = 0 : FlSpider.RotY = 0
      ‘showspider 1 ‘debug turns on spider to start
      End If

    Viewing 18 posts - 181 through 198 (of 198 total)
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