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    • Author: bord
    • Version: 1.0
    • Views: 3528
    • File size: 153.73 MB
    • Downloads: 1694
    • File Author: bord
    • IPDB link:: https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=2362
    • Updated: April 1, 2020
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  • Here is the rare and wonderful Star Light from Williams. The story goes that this was pulled from production when Space Shuttle, its sister game, appeared to be the stronger offering. Featuring a wonderful art package by Larry Blazek and Tom Schmelzer, great lighting effects, and a layout reminiscent of Laser Ball.

    ***During gameplay use the right magna-save button to change lit star lanes.

    This project happened primarily thanks to The Loafer's hard work. Last summer he arranged access to the only known System 9 version of this game with its generous owner, Honey Badger. In one harrowing evening he drove hundreds of miles to the location, took all the photos that served as source material for this build, and drove back just in time to go to work. Thanks, Rob!!!

    Thanks to 32assassin for the switch and lamp assignments.

    Thanks to the game testers.

    Thanks to anyone that I sniped scripting from with the biggest hat tip to rothbauerw and nfozzy for their physics work on previous projects.

    Requires 10.6 final

    1.0 initial upload was the bagatelle for April Fools Day

    1.0 actual Williams Star Light

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      Also @benlogan2, on the release version do the inserts light up at all or are they completely dark? They are my favorite thing about this build and it would be a bummer if the insert opacity doesn’t carry over to VR.

      I know on an upcoming project Roth added some extra scripting to boost the insert lights for VR.

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      Ben Logan2

      Thanks so much for the cut and paste code, Bord! Will try it tonight. As far as insert lighting goes, the inserts initially appeared very dimly illuminated, as though a couple of sheets of waxed paper were laying over them. Selecting all insert lights on their layer, and moving them from -11 and -13 to I think -1 and -3 did the trick in VR headset. They look great to my eyes, just like they do in the picture above.

      At the risk of sounding like a VR evangelist, Pinbot was my choice for first table to load up in VR when I got the headset a few months ago. I’ll always love the cab experience, but VR is really an outstanding way to appreciate the accuracy and beauty of you authors 3D modeling skills. Much respect!

      The Loafer

      Agreed.  There is no system seller for VR pinball than trying a vpx table with ramps and toys… especially Bords tables :)

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      Ben Logan2

      Loafer — I can’t thank you enough for making that drive. And thank you, Honey Badger! You must have taken great pictures, because Bord has made everything look so sharp as to suggest he must have had some pro source material.

      Bord — Thanks so much for the VR backbox code. Worked perfectly! Best strobing lightshow in VP.

      You guys have made my week with this table.

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      Can’t wait to fire this up in my cab. Looks amazing as always bord!

      Captured that soft nice lightbulb perfectly.


      I get the maintenance point of view when it comes to LED But this is the way they looked back in the 80s and it  looks so much better IMO.


      TNX :yahoo:


      Many thanks for this rare gem Bord. It looks really great in the cab!
      Also thanks to @theloafer for driving all the way to take pictures (you still owe us the whole story :-)   ), and the table owner for providing his real table.
      Another important table has been digitally preserved!


      I feel just like a Spoiled kid with all these great recreations, thank you !


      Man really stoked to see this. And DAMN does it look and place nice too. I played a real one of these last year and found it very fun. SO glad we have it in VP. Thanks Bord.


      One request. Would you please send me an image of the instruction card.  The one I saw in your images is not usable for what I want to do with it.


      Keep it up.

      My VP Pincab /MAME Arcade Specs: MSI Micro-ATX Z390m MOBO, Core I5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz, 16GB NVRAM, Nvidia 1660 Super,

      40" PF Sony gaming LED TV, Dual 23" monitors in the backbox , Pinscape w. expansion board, Full DOF - Full MAME arcade support

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      @wrd1972, thanks for the kind words. Cards are in your PMs.


      Wow…. I missed this.

      So beautiful. I can tell right away from a screenshot if it’s a Bord table.

      Thank you for this gift.


      Thanks, @terryred. Getting feedback like this from people that contribute as much as you do means a lot.


      Thanks the table and back glass artwork is amazing

      Health is Wealth:Knowledge is Power

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    Viewing 12 posts - 81 through 92 (of 92 total)
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