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  • Wrd says to me, would you like to do another Date East table, I just brought home a tmnt.  Before I thought about it I said YES.


    This was one I wanted to work on since I started building tables.  I had attempted to gather resources and even started a really sad playfield redraw.... but anyone that’s looked knows there are pretty much no good resources for tmnt.  So, Wrd stripped his table took around 500 pics for me over the course of the build.  I stitched together a playfield best I could and started a redraw.  (if anyone asks you to redraw a DE playfield, don't do it )  Table is a complete scratch build.  I did peak back at edizzle’s pm5 version to double check things here and there though.


    Once the table was built Wrd fine-tuned the position of everything.  It really does play great.



    As always check the top of the script for a bunch of options.  I left the playfield Oooze on by default because it’s worth it.  :P





    Me: table build, playfield redraw, ramp decal redraws, ramps, lots of little primitives here and there.

    Wrd1972: COUNTLESS resource pics and answering of far too many silly questions.  Physics and table fine tuning.  Plastic scans.

    Roth:  Being a code wizard and for putting up with Wrd and me. (understatement of the century :P)

    Dark: Turtle Models!!!! and other small primitives here and there. (I did resize the turtle images to make the file size sorta reasonable)

    Flupper: Flasher Domes and Ramp Tutorial.

    Hauntfreaks: He made a pass and did the awesome things he does.

    themotherbrain: testing and feedback

    nFozzy: I'm using his new fading lights + a few tweaks by me.

    DJRobX: SSF code and thanks to RustyCardores for showing me the way, you can't go back!!  Ball drop tweaks by Roth and me.

    Last but not least the developers and other table authors.  This community is nothing without everyone doing their part!!!!!!





    Need 10.5


    -File size reduced

    -Small bug fixes and tweaks

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      Thanks guys – fantastic work :good:



      It crashes when I launch it. Does anybody had this issue ?



      It crashes when I launch it. Does anybody had this issue ?

      I have the same problem. No idea at the moment.


      How did you resolve it?

    Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)
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