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    The Addams Family (Bally 1992) AND Gold (1994)for VPX. * V1.4 and later requires VP 10.2 and the lastes Vpm 2.8 with modulated flasher support.

    Thanks to Dark, BilboX and 3rdAxis for models. Thanks to BorgDog for scripting help.

    Support thread is located here

    V1.4.1 - fix ball stuck on left pops, fix ball bounce back from thing ramp, adjust thing flipper.  Added Gold Apron and ball (plate/ball from Stat, thx!)

    V1.4 - added modulated Flashers from new VPM and added a separate GOLD table

    V1.3.1 - Fix multiple balls stuck in chair scoop at the same time.  Adjust Thing Saucer kicker.  Clean-up old code.

    V1.3 - adjusted physics added new controller.vbs load from Arngrim(needs 10.2 beta 2774 or later to run) fix ball stuck near orange pop changed Thing flips switch (might help?) fixed FPS drop and stutter when two balls were locked in for Multiball. added a landscap.xml from HauntFreaks to import if you need to rotate the FS settings.

    V1.2 - best use with VPX 10.2 beta Graphics update for better visuals and more details Minor Physics tweaks Added a "Thing Trainer" option in the script.  This allows the table to "self play" while shooting a bunch of swamp shots to try to get Thing Flips to be more accurate.  I'm not convinced Vpinmame actually emulates this, but if so this should make Thing more accurate over time.

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      Yes. Go here https://github.com/sverrewl/vpxtable_scripts – scroll to the table … regular or gold edition. Press raw button. Delete the whole script from the table and copy and paste the one that is in your browser. Or … just comment out the line that gives you the error.


      I’ve been waiting a long time for this version to finally come out and… it’s really great!

      A huge thank you to the whole team for their hard work!


      This has likely been discussed. But how successful are the “thing flips” for you guys? I have done the training and I suspect the success rate is at best 20% or so. Is this accurate to the real thing?

      My VP Pincab /MAME Arcade Specs: Dell T3400 workstation with Core2 Quad core 3.0GHZ (Q9650) CPU - 8GB of RAM - Nvidia 760GTX (MSI Twin Frozr)

      40" PF Sony gaming LED TV, 22" upper and 19" lower monitors in the backbox - Virtuapin controller w/ analog plunger - Full DOF - Full MAME arcade support


      hmm, I played TAF a lot those days (with STTNG definitely THE table of my “gang”). Afair it was pretty bad, maybe 50% hits? If at all. Of course don’t know, if the machine we played on was trained.

      I also did the trainer on this version and it became a little better. Nevertheless I enjoyed the magic of the training a lot – better or not afterwards. This is done pretty cool by you authors and fun to watch.


      Edit: oops, wrong thread. Like (I guess) Wrd, I commented on the v2.0 version

    Viewing 4 posts - 221 through 224 (of 224 total)

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