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  • Yet another fresh beta build ;)


    - some cleanups and preparing the final release


    - add new UpdateMaterial script function for changing materials for dynamic elements

    - allow to export blueprints in different image formats

    - slightly tweak debugger dialog

    - fix rather old bug in physics settings per material for collidable setting for walls (in since VPX 10.2+)


    - really fix Animate() update precision for Light Sequences

    - really fix Animate() update precision for EM Reels


    - catch up on dropped animationframes in the old Animate() functionality of EM Reels and Light Sequence, so that these operate at the really chosen update rate

    - support both winding orders for lights, which fixes the invalid shape error message for (some) lights

    - change error message to point to the 'Scripts' folder

    - add a rectangle outline to the spinner element to help in selecting it in the editor fix selection view in the editor


    - add a circle outline to the gate element to help in selecting a gate in the editor

    - add tooltip comment on new anti lag and low latency gfx driver settings


    - update to NVAPI to R430

    - update to UI template framework win32xx to version 8.7.0

    - do not update status bar informations while player is running (optimize width command)


    - add x/y scale support to the camera mode to scale x/y axis at the same time

    - use real upper border for temp vertex alloc, as some .obj feature a combination of different v/vt/vn combinations for the face indices

    - fix loading error for extremely old (Tech Beta 3, etc) tables and fix (most likely completely unused nowadays) font import/tableload issue



    - always number new elements with (minimum) three digits

    - optimize .obj importer



    - add object space-normal mapping support to primitive (our implementation matches the object space, +X +Y +Z, export/baking settings in Blender) Object space-normal maps are commonly used if one reduces polygon counts of a complex model. The lost geometric details are then added back via a normal map



    - change Position() of the plunger element to return a float instead of an integer

    - code cleanups



    - show kicker's orientation in the editor



    - support 'Add Point' hotkey (F10 normal and F11 for smooth point) for rubbers

    - changed context menu so that 'Add Point' is the first item in the list



    - fix bumper hit threshold issue



    - fix lighting of the reflection of the playfield on the ball

    - fix playfield reflection on the ball


    - save position of the windowed mode player window in registry via WindowPosX/Y

    - be more robust when handling huge images and try to auto-rescale if memory allocations fail on the way

    - explain parameters of LoadVPM in core.vbs

    - add FPVPX.vbs

    - add LTD System III vbs, thanks Gaston!


    - fix tab order for bumpers

    - example table: reenable 'correct' material on slingshot-plastics and reenable reflections for them, too

    - example table: add ball drop sounds by rothbauerw

    - add proper dithering to final output buffer

    - support 'disable lighting' on primitive playfield

    - remove caption and window borders in windowed mode, only re-enable/toggle if ESC menu is brought up



    - pre-filter envmap-diffuse-pre-calc with gauss to remove under-sampling artifacts for high contrast HDRs (i.e. ones that contain something close to sun brightness)

    - limit glossy/mipmap-hack lookup to not use the lowest miplevel (as this is horrific looking)

    - add tga to file extensions list

    - fix wrong v-clamp mode for environment lookups

    - tiny beautification of mesh import dialog

    - fix tab order in material manager dialog


    rev 3674

    - flag table as changed if import->POV is triggered

    - clarify some material manager dialog descriptions and beautify debug dialogs a tiny bit

    - add ball velocity/angular velocity and number of physics iterations per frame to F11 debug output/stats

    - fix order of deletion for sounds and fonts (i.e. first delete the list entry, then the actual element)

    - fix access of already deleted vector element (i.e. the image/texture that was deleted was still updated by the list). also fix that when deleting the last image in the list, the new last image got the alpha test value of the previous last image.

    - fix crash if POV xml format is broken somehow.



    - fix UI issue with not having excl. fullscreen checked and try to match resolution in a fuzzy way, patch by Caligula

    - (maybe) workaround potential double init problem of BASS as suggested by mrkai

    - use zero normal vector again in case of degenerate normal to easier catch that case



    - fix normal computations of old legacy primitive (i.e. that triangulated tube)

    - fix flicker of video modes in preferences dialog, patch by Caligula

    - cleanups



    - show amount of vertices/polygons for a mesh primitive in the status bar

    - fixing some memory leaks and uninitialized variables

    - fix hanging in exclusive fullscreen mode


    rev 3650

    - finally random crashes fixed. Introduced by the new current hit threshold feature

    - cleanups



    - fix potential null pointer (reported by JPsalas)

    - do not ignore primitive setting 'Has Hit Event' anymore (before it was always implicitly on)

    - fix hit event issues for walls

    - undo handling updated

    - bass.dll updated (be sure to use the new one or you get random crashes)



    - one more display selection patch by Caligula

    - optimize some shaders

    - fix hit event handling for primitives

    - cleanups and fixing random crashes



    - add-on patch by Caligula for display selection, incl. proper handling for multiGPU setups

    - updating hitthreshold handling



    - fix for the random crashes (hopefully)

    - cleanups



    - check for null pointer (crash reported from jpsalas)

    - fix SMAA crash



    - separate backdrop decals from main material code (faster and cleaner)

    - fix some regressions (introduced with 10.5) with backdrop lights (most prominent: bulb lights had wrong falloff, the 'classic' lights wrong image mapping)

    - add support to read out the current hit threshold if the ball hits a Primitive or a HitTarget

    - fix hit threshold for special playfield_mesh

    - update BASS library to 2.4.14

    - use DX9 builtin sRGB conversion for sprites

    - use matching sRGB input function for sprites/BG/etc

    - use matching sRGB output function, now that the DX9 builtin functionality for sRGB texture reads is used

    - disable software-path mipmap generation with correct sRGB-aware filtering again, as its simply way too slow



    - disable software-path mipmap generation with correct sRGB-aware filtering again, as its simply way too slow

    - fix wrong light element texture sRGB-handling introduced via rev 3590



    - finally implement proper sRGB pipeline for mipmap generation (for all textures that are not in linear space like HDRs and normal maps) and for runtime filtering (only textures that are used in the 'standard' material)

    - add checkbox to 'user customizations'->'overwrite physics by global set' to optionally change all flipper settings, too

    - auto-convert ',' decimal type floats to '.' type when reading from registry

    - fix regression from 10.3+ with physics options dialog and the flipper settings



    - fix ball through bumper issue

    - check gate type explicitly for tables that were saved in the phase where it could've been undefined some years ago

    Note: please test this revision a bit more because I had to change just a bit in the physics engine to fix the bumper issue. I don't think that the change has any impact on other elements like gates, flippers or gates but who knows ;)



    - add apply button to the dimensions manager to apply the selected dimension to the active table.

    - add BorgDogs Gottlieb System 80 (widebody) change

    - restore prev behavior that each script editor window is a global one



    - add support for up to 9 custom start parameters (range 1-9). Usage: "Vpinball.exe -c1 param1 -c2 param2" sets two custom parameter "param1" and "param2". In the script use: GetCustomParam(1) to get "param1" and GetCustomParam(2) to get "param2"

    - add EnableSkirtAnimation to enable/disable skirt animation via script

    - fix messagebox popping up on table start

    - fix script editor crash if core.vbs was not found

    - add success message when pressing compile and there are no errors

    - fix script UI button not toggling on window close and some more minor cleanups

    - cleanups



    - add "Player" / "BWRendering" reg-entry: experimental fake Black&White rendering, which can be tremendously faster on tablets (0 (off) or 1 (better quality) or 2 (could be faster on some very slow/old devices)). Currently only works without dynamic AO and any kind of AA disabled

    - make script editor UI look a bit better in 4K

    - fix regression so that the default font name (i.e. courier) is not used anymore in the script editor if the registry setting is empty

    - add strength parameter for the (optional) legacy/VP9-like keyboard nudging code, can be set in the 'Keys, Nudge and DOF' preferences dialog

    - cleanups



    - add support for showing the image of a primitve mesh in the editor. Far from perfect!

    - re-use existing sound settings if re-importing a sound file and delete an unused IDC in the sound manager

    - make file version match the VPX version to avoid confusion

    - map digital plunger position to same range as mech

    A note for the "Display Image in Editor" feature for primitives: Due to the odd Windows GDI render pipeline rendering a texture of a mesh won't work 100% and can look really ugly. But it can be really usefull for flat meshes like playfields or plastics to place things. Beware that this option can have a huge impact on the editor performance when enabled on meshes with a high polygon count.


    - revert to FreeImage 3.17.0

    - fix special playfield primitive rendering issue and update example table

    - add missing changes to changelog.txt



    - add support for using a primitive as playfield instead of the build-in one (see changelog.txt)

    - add checkbox to sound- and image-manager to use internal name as filename for exporting

    - fix "all sounds to rear channels" bug

    - add missing implementation for -pov command line option

    - remove all table encryption, old locked tables automatically unlock now

    - add buttons to video preferences to easily setup defaults for low- or high-end PCs

    - add 'Force Bloom Filter off' to video preferences to increase performance on extremely low-end graphics cards (like on tablets)

    - updated to latest FreeImage.dll (3.18.0)

    - see core scripts (header of core.vbs) for the respective changelog (version 3.57)

    - see CommandReference.txt for the changelog of all the scripting properties/interface changes

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    • Author
    • #102575 Report

      Enjoying a lot the phisycs of the saucer on that Paragon update. Thanks!

      #104677 Report

      Thanks again for the work! Great stuff

      Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
      So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
      for IOS and Android


      #105262 Report

      Should this update affect to the simulation performance? It seems like I have a slightly lower FPS after the update..? Like from locked 165hz to fluctuating 120-140hz. I much prefer constant performance before eye candy, so no update for me this time. :/

      #105268 Report

      Dear Reply To: VP 10.6 Beta,

      Look forward to VP 10.6  upgrade.

      Do any of you have a written example of a ball on the table ID(int) code which assigns a unique identification number to a ball on the table?


      #105271 Report

      I think you find it in Robocop and there are a few others too.

      #105273 Report

      Three angels has it as does mad scientist

      Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
      So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
      for IOS and Android


      #106181 Report

      Just applied Dec 8 update. Don’t know if it was this ver. But when trying to load any of the Firepower versions gave an error that an unknown gate was trying to be loaded. Tables won’t load. Note: latest V1 version is different so it works.

      #106195 Report

      The unknown gate error is reported and actually fixed I’ve been told. Just not released yet. For tables with this problem. Run a older Vpinballx.exe ( you only need to get the exe in this case ).

      1 user thanked author for this post.
      #106323 Report

      Thanks Thalamus. Have a great day!

      #106608 Report

      Table build question?

      Is it better to have One timer to do a bunch of things, or many timers to few things?

      Things in a timer that I’m doing

      swapping images
      swapping materials
      moving primitives
      moving Ball coords.
      Scaling primitives


      #106609 Report

      I like timers but less is best. I use timers way to much lol

      Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
      So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
      for IOS and Android


      #106611 Report

      I’ve heard that less is better for sure, but if I’m loading one up with quite a bit a stuff is there a point that it would actually be better to break them apart?  These are for timers that are running pretty much constantly.

      #106615 Report

      I use one flasher for many things like same timer for flipper shadows, flipper primitives and divirters so you can use it for multiple things without issue to a point.

      I think it all depends on interval you set on the timer.

      Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
      So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
      for IOS and Android


      #106617 Report
      VP DEV

      If you use a lot of high frequent timers the performance will go down even on better systems. Depending on the use case I would combine functions to one timer let’s say 3-4 and then use another one. But again that depends on the use case.

      #106702 Report

      Should this update affect to the simulation performance? It seems like I have a slightly lower FPS after the update..? Like from locked 165hz to fluctuating 120-140hz. I much prefer constant performance before eye candy, so no update for me this time. :/

      I am seeing a performance drop as well. I run a two screen setup with the table 1920×1080 and the backglass at 1600×900. Machine specs:

      Ryzen 1200 3.1GHz Quad-Core, GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, 8GB DDR4 2400

      In previous builds I see almost constant 60fps and only see drops when lots of flashing lights occur. With the latest beta however I’m seeing stuttering on the ball especially closer to the flippers and a constant frame drop to 55-59 on most tables. Even some EM tables were showing the ball stutter. I pulled back all settings to minimal with no help in the stutter or framerate.

      Reverted to VPX_6_beta_rev3569 and all is well again.

      #106849 Report

      Ver 3584 still gives an “unknown gate type” error when trying to load Firepower by Wed21 or the Darthmarino drop target mod. I saw the statement about explicitly addressong gates in tables and hoped that this error would be fixed. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for everything

      #106865 Report

      There are several other tables that has this error. Algar ( which I’ll probably update one day ). I’ve seen reports of Monopoly and Lethal Weapon 3 as well. The best solution I guess is if the authors themselves fix it and update. But, you can just as easily do it yourself. Open the table, via File -> Open, use the Element Selector to find a gate that is empty in the type field and pick one, then save. Problem is then permanently fixed.

      1 user thanked author for this post.
      #106932 Report

      Thank you once again Thalamus! Worked like a charm. Have a good one. :yahoo:

      #111108 Report

      Thanks @fuzzel for another rev :good:

      Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
      So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
      for IOS and Android


      #111191 Report

      Always much appreciated @fuzzel and @toxie and @djrobx and …. ;-)


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