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    • Author: fuzzel
    • Version: 4377
    • Views: 9554
    • File size: 788.09 MB
    • Downloads: 5055
    • Updated: January 12, 2021
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  • Yet another fresh beta build ;)


    - fix deletion of element if only a control point was selected and deleted

    - fix issue if X/Y center of flasher element was changed via UI is not shown in the editor.

    - add AMD export key to force automatic use of discrete device (e.g. on laptops)

    - make table saves more deterministic/comparable

    - add inder_atleta.vbs

    - fix hit event checkbox of hit targets



    - fix naming of elements in the name property edit control

    - multiple null-pointer and string termination issues fixed (should fix weird crashes with long element names and/or special characters)



    - set VPX file version to 10.7

    - one more improvement for that damn DMD shader: use a tri-reconstruction-filter instead of box, and increase amount of samples again :/

    - check for duplicate element names and if found add a number at the end of the name

    - do not use low level/undocumented API call to set a lower timer resolution, as it lead to sound distortion on some setups in PinMAME, so disable it also in VPX for now



    - fix crash in layers dialog if multiple tables were open and one was closed

    - manually (un)check open tables in the main menu

    - fix unusual behavior that if the script window is open but NOT the top window, that starting the table via F5/F6 will still start the table linked to that script



    - fix problem with loading of some screwed up tables

    - fix gate animation issue when open function was used before

    - fix potential null pointer issue



    - add ElasticityFalloff to the wall physics properties

    - fix color button not showing the correct color in the editor preferences dialog

    - support to add custom notes to a table. To open a dockable notes dialog use the menu View -> Notes. Any text that was entered there is saved with the current active table. The notes handling might have some issues when switching between tables and the notes dialog is open.

    - update JPs physics recommendations

    - always set higher precision timer AND use very high precision timer resolution (if possible 0.5ms)

    - improve quality and performance of internal DMD shader (especially visible on FSS tables)

    - license stuff updated



    - FreeImage.dll reverted back to previous version

    - Fix crash while loading/saving of table resources

    - Fix memory consumption while saving a table



    - FreeImage.dll updated



    - fix Reflection Enabled option for targets

    - use const instead of dims (VPMKeys.vbs)

    - fix layers list issue when multiple tables are loaded and one is closed

    - update FPVPX.vbs

    - when modifying the table-script, check if it was loaded from an external .vbs, and if yes, then save the modifications to that file (and only optionally to the .vpx table itself)

    - also search for table-script replacements (i.e. external .vbs with the same/table name) in the "Scripts" folder to match the core script behavior



    - fix light/lightseq state switching issue

    - the script editor now works in UTF-8 mode and also saves it like that

    - fix stone old bug in the 'Make sure there is at least a one space gap between the last function and this new one' section

    - fix crash on exit, if a table was requested to load but that could not be found or was invalid

    - update FreeImage library to latest 3.18.0 (custom build: VS2017/XP with SSE2/full optimizations)



    - use proper compiler optimization switch

    - use new SciLexerVP.dll

    - fix problems with ANSI chars > 127 in script editor

    - remove unused dims (controller.vbs, b2s.vbs)

    - when importing a primitive mesh, there is now a new option that prevents internal reordering/optimization (i.e. forsyth) of the data

    - don't clear the layer list if the layer dialog window was destroyed when quitting VPX

    - don't show the 'something changed' message window when user kills VPX while the player is running

    - fix light state combobox issue not showing the correct state




    - fix light blinking state handling

    - fix multiselect issue where a value is assigned to all other selected elements just by selecting them

    - fix problem with early-on error outputs (like dll not found)

    - block input to layer panel if no table opened, avoid an empty panel if assigning an element to a layer with 'nothing' (=table only) selected, and filter ESC key in layer panel (as there is otherwise a hickup when changing a layer name and pressing this)

    - fix potential crashes in "Save as" and "Export Blueprint" triggers

    - fix import of POV



    - fix return value for sz2f() conversion function

    - fix showing the export save dialog for a primitive mesh

    Update: The previous build has a small error in a string to float conversion function. That creates really strange problems especially when you enter a value in the elements properties but the value is changed to 0 instead of the entered one. So better you don't use rev4255 at all




    - update scintilla to 4.4.4 (SciLexerVP.dll)

    - cleanup script editor code

    - optimize all kind of string handling

    - fix showing only one color dialog if multiple lights are selected

    - fix flasher image mode

    - fix an old bug with the validity/version checks (controller.vbs)

    - add missing decal case and missing flipper materials/image



    - cleanup internal resource handling

    - cleanup script files

    - fix recent table file menu issue

    - fix loading tables with image names > 128 length like Black Belt



    - lots of internal cleanups

    - fix recent table selection in the File-menu

    - fix resource leak when quitting the table that can crash on some systems.



    - fix static text if user multiselected different elements

    - fix copy'n paste issue and overall event handling if user pressed F1-F12 keys while in sub dialogs

    - fix debugger window is blocking the player loop

    - fix window class name (player window class is now 'VPPlayer' again)

    - fix reimport of images with long names



    - fix copy&paste bug for multi selected primitives

    - cleanup script editor and fix key/mouse event issues.

    - UI code cleanup

    - remove explicit flippertimer for ninuzzu's flipper shadows, and en/disable each flippers timer dynamically instead, patch by jejepinball

    - fix progress dialog

    - fix testbox properties

    - use real amount of threads instead of the magic 8, may help a user that sees slowdowns nowadays, and maybe also users on high end systems



    - fixing hanging/blocking player window when exiting the player (especially for exclusive fullscreen mode)

    - fix window handling to be more like 10.6



    - add player window title name (fix for different front ends)

    - fix copy paste errors for new custom settings in POV files

    - fix flasher color button look



    - try to stop the player in a more structured way

    - POV export/import also saves/loads user customizations

    - use 1D component of the AO dither texture (i.e. z), leads to a bit better quality for SSR

    - add drag and drop feature to layer tree view

    - fix color buttons in all dialogs (fixing custom color selection too)



    - do not start minimized on -play/-pov

    - add many many more different windowed mode resolutions

    - fix crash while quitting the player



    - fix exclusive fullscreen not closing (works but player window closes delayed)

    - fix some tab orders

    - add GetMaterial to the globals (counterpart to UpdateMaterial) add GetMaterialPhysics to the globals (counterpart to UpdateMaterialPhysics) see commandReference.txt

    - add more highres modes for windowed

    - rework debugger dialog and fix lights/material debug dialog fix asking twice for saving table on closing VPX

    - convert debugger dialog to C++

    - rework player window handling to use proper Win32++ API

    - update AO calculation

    - Add possibility to selectively disable B2S by setting new variable "B2SOff=True" (by mfuegemann) controller.vbs and core.vbs

    - fix closing editor if VPX was started with '-play' command line option

    - optimize internal image handling especially with really huge images

    - only load/generate GDI/UI version of texture if table not played from command line (i.e. never needed then)

    - use stb_image instead of FreeImage for JPEG decompression, as it's 1.5 to 3 times faster (due to SSE2 opts)

    - avoid an additional image copy, if already in correct pixel format

    - make image raw size better human readable (image manager)

    - ask user for saving changes while closing a table



    - fix hang on startup (hopefully)

    - add element type name to the property pane

    - only set the mouse icon if something was changed

    - fix combo box handling and fine tune global event handling

    - fix moving a primitive in the editor

    - fix frozen window when quitting the player in exclusive fullscreen mode

    - fix toggling of slingshot force and threshold edit boxes when toggling the collidable checkbox


    - add WEBP to list of supported image formats

    - revert rev 4001 (only handle contacts that happened in the current hittime window), as it leads to missed intersections in (at least) CCC (Saloon) and MM NZ&TT Reloaded Skitso (bumper area)

    - output error code on table load failure

    - mark table also as dirty/needs-to-be-saved when only deleting text in the script

    - fix top material property handling of walls

    - restore pre-VPX10.4 behavior for sounds that were re-routed to the backglass via their name/path, also make by default all the other sounds to be routed to the table for VP8/9 tables


    - use bigger debug font for higher resolutions

    - first version of rotable debug print output

    - add new tables and correct WMS EM, thanks cyberpez,kiwi,bord

    - fix angle property handling for gates and spinners

    - fix updating backglass properties

    - fix timer value property handling


    - editor focus handling fixed on loading a table

    - fix crash if loading an old VPX table with old backglass sound handling

    - fix null pointer crash

    - fix status bar handling

    - fix accelerator key handling again

    - fix handling of legacy primitive properties

    - really fix behavior of new directional sound code on older VP versions (core.vbs)

    - fix issue that a changed name isn't shown in the script editor



    - fix greyed out toolbar

    - fix array keys handling for moving elements

    - fix behavior of new directional sound code on older VP versions (core.vbs)



    - fix ctrl+c/ctrl+v for copy/paste elements in editor

    - update layer name if user hits tab key

    - check initial root layers node in the layer dialog

    - fix updating property dialog if user toggles backglass/table view


    - update event handling and fix drag'n drop issue

    - fix closing table handling on exiting VPX

    - Patch by mfuegemann: Add directional (pan/fade) sound to DropTargets, Kickers, Trough, BallStacks, Locks, Diverters (core.vbs)

    - fix reimport(from) in sound manager crashing

    - change GetTable to ActiveTable to match existing ActiveBall (see CommandReference.txt)

    - add GetTable to the script globals (see CommandReference.txt)

    - add Inder/Playmatic trigger mesh

    - reduce speed up a bit again (plunger)

    - fix some more problems with the new retract plunger and increase pull speed x2

    - fix missing custom colors in the colors dialog


    - fix element information in the status bar

    - fix color button in the flasher properties

    - fix collidable checkbox in ramp properties



    - add confirmation message box when deleting a complete layer

    - fix layer handling for lightseq

    - fix size of plunger visual properties

    - fix for autoplungers by mfuegemann

    - fix crash when importing old physics sets



    - remove double window resizing on start

    - fix wrong primitive property updates

    - fix enter key handling in script editor

    - WinXP support added again



    - fix a starting problem introduced with rev4030.


    - fix B2S not loading bug

    - fix that VPX editor always starts maximized even if it shouldn't



    - reworked UI

    • layer handling is now in a seperate window. Uncheck the checkbox to hide a complete layer or single elements
    • support added to add unlimit amount of layers
    • layers with no elements will be automaticaly deleted
    • fast double-click a layer will select all elements of this layer and double-click one element will select it
    • with a slow double-click on a layer or element let you rename it
    • toolbar, properties and layers are now dockable windows without the need to restart VP
    • Add context menu item to assign selected elements to the current selected layer.

    - add MP3 and OGG support (via the BASS library) to the sound manager and the 'standard' sound commands these new file types are now also saved directly into the VPX file, unlike the music commands (which still use the 'music' folder for legacy reasons) Going forward, tables should only use the sound commands and not the music commands anymore

    - optimize table loading/pre-processing time

    - add table save date and revision to table info and also show in the pause info/menu

    - add new plunger option: Enable 1s retract The plunger will move forth and back between the maximum and minimum position, allowing for a retry, if the desired firing position has been missed. Useful for button/key plunging and is now the new default.


    - replace dithering code with blue noise, fixes flickering patterns (especially in darker table areas)

    - tweak minimum physics cycle time, which mainly influences kickers also update default kicker physics (Hit height 0.35 and Hit accuracy 0.5)

    - fix slightly wrong flipper mesh (visible for very short flippers)

    - fix some broken insert lights if playfield reflections are disabled

    - fix OBJ-exported names for all ramp types

    - fix missing wire thickness for triggers on OBJ export

    - fix crash on (at least) one pre-forsyth-mesh-reorder table

    - fix crash on loading older tables with too long collection names

    - fix hangs on loading/playing older tables due to invalid shapes

    - update BASS library to 2.4.15

    - see core scripts (header of core.vbs) for the respective changelog (version 3.58)

    - see CommandReference.txt for the changelog of all the scripting properties/interface changes

    - add Clang (via Visual Studio 2019) support, still has a linking prob with 32bit though

    - updated to latest FreeImage.dll (3.18.0) (currently disabled)

    - DirectX 8 port for input handling (currently disabled)

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    • #174302
      VP DEV

      Yet another fresh beta build ;)

      Total of 60 users thanked author for this post. Here are last 20 listed.

      Exciting! Thanks @fuzzel

      Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
      So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
      for IOS and Android



      Congrats on the new beta, @fuzzel. Looking forward to it.


      B2S no longer appears.

      RYSr (Rich)

      It’s official, and their off!!

      Thank You to all the Dev’s for their continued efforts and results.


      moi aussi


      mmmmmm very nice 10.7


      The new UI is AMAZING! Thanks for all the hard work! I think I’ve found a bug when trying to set a 2nd global physics set by importing a physics file, I’m getting a crash every time. I can load a table and import the same physics file just fine there, it’s just the global where I’m getting the crash. Not a big deal, just informing the powers that be, if it’s something I’m doing wrong…then Derp on me. :)

      Owner: OPeCKiE Productions


      Everything smooth except one pretty big issue, my backglass doesn’t load anymore :unsure: anyways great stuff!


      B2S no longer appears.

      Exactly why we have beta. Things will break. If you are only playing. Then for now, keep running 10.6 – until at least tables require 10.7. ;-)

      1 user thanked author for this post.

      B2S no longer appears.

      Exactly why we have beta. Things will break. If you are only playing. Then for now, keep running 10.6 – until at least tables require 10.7. ;-)

      Thalamus is correct as usual

      Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
      So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
      for IOS and Android


      Major Frenchy

      Thank you for working on this.!!!!!

      The Loafer

      B2S no longer appears.

      Exactly why we have beta. Things will break. If you are only playing. Then for now, keep running 10.6 – until at least tables require 10.7. ;-)

      Thalamus is correct as usual

      As usual? ;)


      For those with B2S issues, it’s been reported that the VP10.7 build seems to want the B2s to be named per the rom name.   So if you were trying to play star light and you are getting this issue, naming the b2s to strlt_l1.directb2s would apparently resolve the issue temporarily, until the devs fix it with a new build

      2 users thanked author for this post.

      Thanks @fuzzel !  Reminds me of the days when a new version Windows would come out and we’d all race to check out what was new!  Really like the look of this!


      Installed in my cabinet and now nothing works!!!!

      Just kidding.  Installed on an old PC and it’s looking very nice.  I don’t have any ROMs on that machine, so I didn’t really test anything.  But the UX is fresh and looks great for editing.

      Keep up the great work!


      is it me, or doesn’t the script editor accept the “Enter” key for a new line ?!?


      Confirmed issue here too.

      Should be fixed now with latest update.

      The Loafer

      Thanks @fuzzel ! Reminds me of the days when a new version Windows would come out and we’d all race to check out what was new! Really like the look of this!

      Windows?  wow, you are a nerd, I’ve never done that.  ;)  Now, use an example like “MAME” and boy am I all in!


      Great job Toxie and Fuzzel:  And quick on the fixes too!



      very nice Thanks for all the hard work


      So glad them lines have gone nw i was going crazy trying to fix them lol

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