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    • Author: randr
    • Version: 10.2.0
    • Views: 5676
    • File size: 35.01 MB
    • Downloads: 907
    • File Author: Dev Team, hmueck and the respective authors
    • Updated: December 26, 2016
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  • All-in-one (almost) installer (VPX10.2.0, VP9.9.3, VP9.9PM5, VP9.2.1, VP8, VPM2.8, DMDext, X/UltraDMD, B2S, DX9webinstaller, Core.vbs scripts). Open the zip, run the .exe, enjoy.

    Simply run setup to install all needed files! Easy!

    For all the changes regarding the core vbs script file package look into core.vbs for the full changelog What's New in Version 10.2.0 (See full changelog) - add -Help (displays all command line parameters) and -DisableTrueFullscreen (force disables/overrides the true fullscreen video preference) to command line - by default open file dialog to directly select and play a table (can be changed in preferences->editor options) - timers now feature a special mode (setting the interval to -1) that triggers a timer exactly once per frame (e.g. dependent on the FPS that a user gets for a table). this can also be interpreted as being a callback done once per frame to update everything that is only rendering-related (e.g. to reduce overhead caused by things that will never be seen by the player in the end). note that all purely script-driven animations that use a timer with its interval set to -1 should use the new script function GameTime to calculate the time passed between the previous and current frame to make animations time dependent again. - fix timers that dis/enable themselves in the script - disable visual touch/pen feedback to save one frame of input latency/lag (on tablets/phones) - replace old 'Maximum pre-rendered frames' video preference implementation with the official DirectX mechanism on non-XP systems, so it could be worth to experiment again with this setting by using 1 or 2 to reduce lag at the price of a bit of performance - add aspect ratio to dimension manager - add show debugger hot key option to the keys preferences. If hot key is pressed it opens the debugger window without showing the pause menu. - Lights can be debugged (and also live tweaked) in the debugger. Open the debugger, click on the "Lights" button and a new dialog will appear where all dynamic values are editable. Properties like blinking/on/off are based on the timing of the player but the timing is stopped while debugging. You have to click in the player window to see the changes. And beware that all light properties can be changed by the script, so these might be overwritten by the script even if you try to set them in the debugger. The changes will also affect the lights in the editor once you quit the player. - Materials can also be debugged (and also live tweaked) in the debugger. Open the debugger, click on the "Materials" button and a new dialog will appear where all properties are editable except for the physics values. By hitting enter or the "Apply" button the changes are updated. Every dynamic element on the table will show the changes immediately. The opacity active flag is an exception: This flag also defines if an element is rendered dynamically or not (e.g. for walls or ramps). So if the opacity isn't already active when starting the player you won't see changes on these static elements. The changes will also affect the materials in the editor once you quit the player. - hotkey for adding normal and smooth control points for walls, ramps and lights. Select a wall, ramp or light and press F10 for a normal unsmoothed control point and F11 for a smoothed one. - animation support for mesh primitives added: The animation sequence is based on multiple .obj files for each frame. Let's say we have an animation of 100 single frames, then you have to export each frame into a separate .obj file with the nameing format <meshname>_x.obj where x is the frame number. When importing a mesh, check the "Import Animation sequence" in the import dialog and select the .obj file of the first frame. VP will then load all other frames and, when done, will show you a short message box how many frames were imported. Check the CommandReference.txt for the new primitive animation script functions. - bumper cap, base, ring, skirt can be set to invisible separately - add one-way trigger mesh (TriggerWireC type) - changes to bumper material: add separate bumper ring material and don't use a built-in texture for the bumper base and skirt anymore - add a physics setting per material to the material manager. Settings are: Friction, elasticity, elasticity falloff and scatter angle. This allows for tweaking all physics settings in the material manager for all 'similar' table elements (with the same material) at once. (If you like you can still overwrite the settings for each element separatly though) - extend the EOSTorque effect to both entering and leaving the EOS zone and add additional EOS Torque Angle to make this range configurable This allows for more flipper tricks without having to dial in unrealistic flipper settings - output table information if paused - start camera/light tweaking mode with 'F6' - for a quick Desktop(DT) vs Cabinet(FS) camera view testing: hold 'shift' or left flipper button during the table start to choose between the default DT or FS camera - texture size limit/downscale now respects aspect ratio. Also delete outdated 512 max limit and introduce a new 3072 max limit. - enable park position also for non-mech (digital) plunger - fix dynamic bulb mesh light not rendering issue - remove some debugging script editor output messages - fixed that the ball size was not updated in the pause debugging menu - see CommandReference.txt for the changelog of all the scripting properties/interface changes - add DOF controller configuration also to the VP keys dialog - new core scripts by mfuegemann and controller modifications by arngrim, plus solenoid modulation by DJRobX (see core.vbs for changelog (3.51 and 3.52))

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      All-in-one (almost) installer (VPX10.2.0, VP9.9.3, VP9.9PM5, VP9.2.1, VP8, VPM2.8, DMDext, X/UltraDMD, B2S, DX9webinstaller, Core.vbs scripts). Open the zip, run the .exe, enjoy.


      Thanks a bunch for this easy installer :). Will do a clean install of Windows 10 64 bit and this will help a lot with getting vp(x) up and running. Tested it on my existing installation and got the new installer running within minutes.


      i really tried to do this myself, but i am now left with rom’s that have somehow completely reset.
      all my settings for things like buy-in (disable) and extra ball are now reset/gone.

      also for AC/DC i get ‘game name not found’, but it’s the same rom i’ve been using
      this also happens with the PRO version of the walking dead, when i know it’s there it just said it doesn’t exist.
      i ‘ve been working at it for 2 days now. i am really confused, am i the only one this is happening to?


      You should have just used minimal install. Now your vpinmame needs to be re installed to support Sam from vpuniverse

      Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
      So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?

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    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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