A break from VPX for dummies (like me)

So I know I said I would cover lighting in my next post but…well…I think I’ll do that later. What I am posting is a VERY early screen shot of my current learning project Whirlwind. I started this table to learn more advanced aspects of VPX. Namely turntables and subways. I also wanted to try my hand at creating primitives in Blender. So here’s the screenshot.

No plastics yet and only somewhat playable

No plastics yet and only somewhat playable

So, I’m having issues that I think are related to timing with a couple of the solenoid callbacks. The disc/wheel animations, when on, look fine but the solenoid that controls the motor seems to pulse them so they constantly start and stop. There may be a way to code around this but I haven’t figured it out yet. So I’ve moved on to areas of the table that I know I get working to give myself time to think about solutions to the problems. I’ll publish the table for beta tests to anyone that wants it and I’ll publish for the general public once it has been adequately tested.

I’d love suggestions on how to handle the disc problem

…comment away…

  1. randr 8 years ago

    Could you not just use scripting from vp9 table as example?

  2. Author
    walamab 8 years ago

    On the surface my code looks very close to the VP9 version and to me looks no different functionally. I was reading through core.vbs today and think I have a better way to operate the wheels using another cvpm object that appears to handle motors more readily. I’ll certainly post how it turns out.

  3. Blashyrk 8 years ago

    The discs should not spin all the time, they do in fact pulse on the real machine.

  4. Author
    walamab 8 years ago

    Thanks for the video reference. Looks like I just need to put in a “spin-up” and “spin-down” time. This will keep me from chasing a phantom problem. Thanks again!

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