• Glad that helped.

    I do know from time to time the real machine looses track of balls, especially on the harder shots not used as often and contacts get stale, bumping the table helped. I even see a few VP games like that, ball just sitting there on the switch until you nudge it.

    I need to look it over closer, trying to recall physical machine, I…[Read more]

  • You are correct, I deleted my nvram, no start ball. I was going to send previous nvram that worked, but realized during multi-ball, it seemed short one ball. (I was having too much fun still playing wee hours)

    I pressed “b” add ball, then start ball popped out. Let me know if that works for you, if not, I’ll try to help, just not up to speed on…[Read more]

  • Some quirky things but I couldn’t stop, had to play a few games, nice. Never played it without covers, I see more art than usual. Nice job, I will look closer at it later.

  • Your PF map/sequence of the AUX looks good.

    Controller/AUX terms OK by me, I’m the embedded type. I was just trying to use the schematic terms so easy traced to documentation.

    The attached fragment of a schematic should show the path for the relays to the PF.

    The LB AUX (controller) for the AUX LAMPS is always powered, always running…[Read more]

  • There are 2 AUX LAMP DRIVER BOARDS, 1A11 for the PF, 2A11 for the LB,  xA11P1 is a 4 pin but only 2 pins have wires, xA11P2 is a 10 pin, pin numbers match Q numbers for transistors and Count in sequence.

    The 3rd driver  board is the TRANSISTOR DRIVER BOARD A16, Q1, 2, 3 all on 1 connector.

    Then there are a few discrete transistor on PF and LB, t…[Read more]

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  • Brief operational description of the Bone Busters Lightbox lighting, based on schematic against machine.

    As best I can determine, sorry if redundant information, unsure amount of detail needed.

    UPDATE: I discovered that in a vpinball b2s discussion had the mapping of the…[Read more]

  • sure, no problem, least I can do. Just struggling in general getting into all this. Took a while to find the manual, who would have thought it would be on the book shelf (sigh). The electronic versions left out a lot, the real manual is complete. My table model is low 700’s for reference, had a few minor electronics updates listed.

    As soon as I…[Read more]

  • bonebusters solenoids 4, 7, 8

    had chance to open bone busters,

    as far as I can tell… (matching what you have in code)

    q53 on A3 driver board operates the knocker designated as solenoid 8

    q55 on A3 driver board, solenoid 4, drives Q2 of the Transistor Driver Board 1A16, operates 2 bulbs, half of “Light Box Insert / Light Box Show”

    Q56 on A3…[Read more]

  • hey, first, awesome work on this table as well other stuff.

    it really does play very close to real table, yes, i have the table, and yes, i realize it’s done. i saw questions on art such as the green widget, upper right corner, yes it is plain green. i have been weeding thru forum trying to look for un-answered questions since only getting (re)…[Read more]

  • yes, understood.

    i wish to help out, was just venting start-up issues.

    the table plays great, just if there is anywhere i can provide art since i have the table.

    i noticed a few odd things in play, just happening at high ball speeds so hard to watch.



  • Hi, as far as any updates, I’ve been struggling through setups and tables trying to get a grasp on current setups. The majority of my systems are normally linux with pinball being the only exception.

    I cloned my pin machine to a second drive on my laptop (i7 quad) in hope of roughing into the table code. its hard to sit at a pin machine to do…[Read more]

  • ok, so welcome me, I have pm’d Thalamus recently to introduce myself. I thank all those who contributed over the years and have enjoyed the work and effort. My partial vp has been in the attic a few years and just recently blew the dust off and started trimming it. We uncovered our Bone Busters table getting ready for a refresh of rubber and…[Read more]

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